That bugaboo of accepting forgiveness

Hopefully the folks reading this have come to realize that Jesus really did come as the Son of Man to rescue us from the great plight of man: we have a sin problem, and we are powerless to help ourselves. Given the right set of circumstances and the wrong state of mind, each of us is capable of just about anything. Oh sure you’ll argue about that with me, but I know what humans can do. Even if we could get our external lives under perfect control, which I don’t believe we can, we’d probably rot on the inside with the heinous sin of pride. Let’s face it, we’re all hopeless–except that Jesus came as the “Son of Man” with the “authority on earth to forgive sins” (Luke 5:24).

I can remember being so devastated over a sin I had allowed to ensnare me that I continually–over and over–begged God to forgive me (and no, I’m not going to tell you what it was). But I confessed my sin with tears and weeping and turned radically away from it. But still I continued to plead for forgiveness. Then one day while reading my Bible, the Lord opened for me the story in Luke 5:17-26 when Jesus Heals a Paralytic man, and He spoke to my heart and said: “My child, you have an authority problem. You think you can do your part, which is to repent. You just don’t think I can do My part, which is to forgive.” Then, I heard a song from Phillips, Craig and Dean, “When God Ran,” and cried like a baby.

I was broken. I began to realize that my sin of unbelief was as serious as my prior sin of rebellion. I wept and repented for my failure to credit Him with the authority He possessed to forgive my sins. It was the most refreshing joyful experience since I first came to the Lord on Oct 27, 1979.

In his book I Should Forgive, But . . . , Dr. Chuck Lynch says when we keep confessing the same sin over and over, “each subsequent time the sin is confessed, rather than the confession bringing relief, it only reinforces the false belief that it has not been forgiven. Double, or re-confession, only deepens the false belief that it has not been forgiven.” I know he’s right, because my constant re-confessions didn’t bring me relief. They only made me more miserable and self-loathing. Relief only came when I decided to take God at His Word.

Don’t let me hear you argue that “certainly God will forgive me, but I can’t forgive myself.” Oh, so you’re more important than our Father? If you have truly repented–which means you have experienced Godly sorrow and a subsequent detour from the sin–bathe yourself in the river of God’s forgiveness. The Son of Man has authority to give sins right here on earth. You don’t have to wait until heaven. You don’t have to wait for an altar call at church. You don’t have to wait for the end of a sermon and you don’t need any special Preacher to pray over you. You can experience the freedom of complete forgiveness right here–right now–without restrictions. So right now, fall under Christ’s authority and accept His grace.

Lord God, my blessed Redeemer and joyous Salvation, I’m looking at Your face today with a shout of joy, knowing that You have restored Your righteousness in me. I can now tell others, “I have sinned and perverted what is right, yet I did not get what I deserved. For the Lord redeemed my soul and I continue to see His light” (Job 33:26-28)

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