Worshipping Barrack

Even before the past elections, I’ve been bewildered with various celebrities commenting how Barrack has inspired them, made them “better” people and on and on and on.

Now granted, I think that celebrities are bit touched anyway, so maybe we shouldn’t place too much credence on their comments. But what’s more disturbing are the ordinary folks who are literally worshiping Obama. Women overcome with emotion because Obama has brought us to the Promised Land. (It’s sick, actually). Now I also acknowledge that I am a white-male-over-50, but as irrelevant as that is, some people actually think that matters.

So I was interested when I found a video from Jay Stapleton of the National Prayer Ministry as he addresses this and directs us to consider a book the Lord is causing me to examine once again, the the Book of Jeremiah . . . Stapleton titled this video “America Has Forsaken God – and Is Embracing A Man, in His Place” . . .

It’s frightening. If people said of me, what they are saying of Barrack, I would be trembling in fear–but Barrack seems to revel in it . . .

Doulos Studies

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