The Life Behind the Light

Jesus was, and still is, the light of the world.

“Jesus spoke out again, “I am the light of the world. The one who follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”” (John 8:12).

John says this light was produced by the life that was in Christ: “In him was life; and the life was the light of men” (John 1:4). Simply put, the life that Christ possessed was his source of light to the world. And anyone who believed “will have the light of life” (John 8:12). What is the “life behind the light” that we’re reading about?

Most of us think of this life as the eternal existence that’s embodied in Christ. We see it as his power to bestow eternal existence on all who believe. But John is talking about something more here. When he uses the word “life,” he is talking about the whole biography of Jesus’ existence.

Jesus tells us that we are to live as he did. So for us to be as Christ was in the world, his life has to be something we can know and experience for ourselves. It has to relate to our own lives.

I want to tell you how I relate to the life that is in Christ. I rejoice in the kind, little things that Jesus did, touched and said. I believe his everyday deeds, words and walk with the Father are meant to define the meaning of the Christ-life to us.

I think of Jesus’ friendship with Lazarus. I think of him as he retreated from the multitudes after a long period of ministry. I think of him as he enjoyed time in the home of Mary, Martha and Lazarus. And I think of Jesus taking the little children into his arms and blessing them. I think of his obedience to his mother, even as a grown man, when he turned water into wine at the wedding feast. I think of Jesus’ love and care for the scorned; the unlovely; the poor; the people who are overlooked and ignored by others when they pass by them. I think of his compassion for the woman caught in adultery or his honoring the widow who had only two mites to give.

I doubt there would be enough books to record all the loving, servant-like things Jesus did while on earth. In these passages, and in others I didn’t mention, we find the ways we are to relate our lives to Christ’s. This is how we comprehend the life that is the light.

Father, you have called us to receive your Life, and then to share that Life. Your Beloved Son and my Redeemer shouted out, “I am the way, the Truth and the Life!” And again that, “I have come that you have Life—the very Life and nature that you possess in all eternity—the very Life that raised Jesus from the dead. ”

So this morning, Father, I renew that Life. I receive a fresh outpouring of Your Life; the Life that re-energizes me; that Life that encourages me; that Life that helps me filter out all the crud around me and brings me into fellowship with you. I pray Father that you would use my lips to spread your truth, that my life would show others the way, and that my love would give others life.

Today, be Glorified as I meet people I know and work with—and people I meet for the first time. I give you my life in exchange for Your Life.

Doulos Studies

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