There Is So Much More . . .

I am continually hearing people complaining about “this” church and “that” church, and believing they are all a complete waste of time and energy; they are all filled with fakes and hypocrites. They see it as a “money producing corporation that churns out programs and not disciples”; that it is, “Impotent and weak.”

I’ll tell you what, it would be so easy to dismiss this dislike for the church as simply being another symptom of original sin. When we merely point out the problems but don’t seek solutions, we are better to remain silent. But even that is too pat to be wholly accurate. It doesn’t help enough.

For example, there are some who believe the church they visited was completely intolerable because there was no vision, no direction. Well, maybe one thing: trying to enlist eight more women and ten more men to help in the children’s ministry or to reach the building fund quota for the month.

Well, from personal experience that can certainly become pretty tiring after a while. But in Paul’s eyes, there was nothing dull or tiresome about following Christ. His Lord had a plan that was being carried to completion, and Paul and all the faithful in Christ Jesus were part of that plan! It included redemption, adoption and the obtaining of an eternal inheritance in the heavenly places.

According to the Scriptures, our God’s purpose has now been openly revealed (Ephesians 3:10,11). It was the knowledge that they were part of an eternal plan that imparted unquenchable enthusiasm to the early Christians. They burned with holy zeal for Christ and felt that they were part of an army that the Lord was leading to ultimate conquest over all the powers of darkness. That was enough to fill them with perpetual enthusiasm.

So what is your part in that plan? What role do you play? Are you willing to seek Him and find the answer to those questions? Then become involved in a fellowship of other believers who desire Christ above all else, and you find your place in that Army!


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