Where Is The Holy Spirit?

For many, you are reading this on Sunday morning and will be going to a church to worship and hear an encouraging message. This is good, but lately I have been seeing something that is really tripping up many believers. I am talking about folks who are continually listening to ministers without the Spirit, preaching about the Spirit. It reminds of something Paul wrote:

The ultimate aim of the Christian minister is to produce the love which springs from a pure heart, a good conscience and a genuine faith. Some seem to have forgotten this and to have lost themselves in endless words. They want a reputation as teachers of the Law, yet they fail to realise the meaning of their own words, still less of the subject they are so dogmatic about (I Timothy 1:5-7)

There is nothing so chilling as seeing the Holy Spirit held in cold passivity and unbelief. The people being lulled into a dull apathy. This will happen unless the Spirit Himself is anointing and speaking through the person teaching. I mean anyone can graduate from a Bible school or seminary and learn all kinds of truth and even preach it faithfully, but still be totally without any power. The members of that church will know that something is missing, but walk away with their hearts numbed and never challenged. It’s not that they are opposed to the truth, but they simply have an unconscious reaction from the lack of power.

Like I said, nobody will be able to actually put a name to what is missing, it will simply be as if they were hearing an echo and not the voice, or seeing a reflection and not the light itself. And yes, it is frustrating as all get out . . . but as I always tell you, there is hope!

First, you have to quit bellyaching and talking behind the preacher’s back. You need to simply give him the honor and respect he needs, and continually pray for him. Ask the Lord to pursue and break his heart. There are preachers out there who have gone empty and dry, and need a fresh anointing. Sometimes they need to learn to rely on the Holy Spirit, instead of their own strengths. Ask the Lord to deliver them from that error so no one’s heart will be hardened through their failure.


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2 Responses to Where Is The Holy Spirit?

  1. Stiephanie Thomas says:

    I enjoyed your morning thought. Could you please email me your messages


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