You Can Learn, Just Like Job

How many of you have read or examined the story of Job? Personally, I love the story and all of the lessons we can glean from it. Something I find interesting is how the whole time Job was challenging his God to explain why he was suffering, the Lord began to answer his question, with some other questions. Oh, not just ordinary questions, but questions to force Job to really examine his own “reality.”

First, the Lord posed this problem to his servant: “Look, Job, here comes the hippopotamus after you. What are you going to do? Can you wrestle him down in your physical strength? No? Maybe you can try to sweet-talk him (see Job 40:15).

Now, why would Yahweh begin his revelation by having Job start thinking about something like that? Why would He have Job look into the face of a hippopotamus? Eek!

“Now Job, take a look at the crocodile that’s creeping up on you. How are you going to handle him? This creature has a heart of stone and absolutely no concept of mercy.” Obviously this was more than a simple lecture about the animal kingdom. No. Yahweh was telling Job something about life’s “monsters.” We have all seen them. We may even be wrestling with one right now. What the Lord was showing Job is that these two awesome, ferocious, overpowering (and ugly) creatures could have represented the monstrous problems raging in Job’s life.

“Consider the hippo. He tramples down everything in sight. He is simply too big a problem for you to handle, Job. You are no match for him, no matter what you do. There is nothing you can do to tame him. Only I, the Lord, know how to stop such a monster like that.”

“And what about that crocodile, Job? You aren’t going to be able to wrestle around with a creature like that. Certainly, nobody in his own strength is going to strip the crocodile of his thick armor. Well, that’s them . . . but the same thing is true of your spiritual enemy, the devil. I am the only one who can win the battle with him.”

The Lord wasn’t just talking to Job about this. He is taking to all of us—believer and unbeliever. He is declaring, “Face the truth about the monsters in your life. You can’t handle them. I am the only one who can.”

Job finally realized, “My God is all-powerful. He can do anything, and nothing He plans, can ever be thwarted. I know I can’t stand up against the hippo or the crocodile. But that doesn’t matter. I know God can. My responsibility is to simply stand still beside Him and watch the salvation of the Lord” (see Job 42:1-2). I am to co-labor with Him. I can call on His Name and Who He is and live a victorious life!

tongueoutTake that devil!


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