Rivers and The Holy Spirit

How many of you have actually read any of the prophetic books, like Jeremiah, Daniel, Isaiah, or even Ezekiel? Personally, I love reading them all. For instance, when you turn to the book of Ezekiel, you discover some incredible prophetic messages and visions. Take a look at the fortieth chapter, and you will see one of these incredible visions. It says that God carried Ezekiel to a very high mountain where he saw a man “standing in the gate, and he appeared to be bronze, with a linen cord and a measuring rod in his hand” (Ezekiel 40:3). Cool huh?

Now of course, many believe the man was none other than Christ himself, because He ushered Ezekiel to the door of Yahweh’s house where he received the amazing vision of the future of Yahweh’s people. I’m not convinced of that, because Jesus was a specific man, who was born in the flesh at a specific time. So whenever we see an “angel” or some character we cannot explain, we prefer to say it was Jesus . . . but it may not have been. Anyway, it really doesn’t matter. Ezekiel was seeing what I believe was the future body of Christ, which would come as the “end-times” drew to a close. Ezekiel explained, “He brought me back to the temple’s entrance, I noticed that water was flowing toward the east from under the temple’s threshold (the temple faced east). The water was going out from under the temple’s facade toward the south, south of the altar” (Ezekiel 47:1).

What is significant here is that whenever you have images of water in the Bible, it almost always represents the Spirit of God. So this vision is clearly showing us a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the last days.

Now this vision was so overwhelming in scope, Ezekiel was blown away. There was no way he could understand any of it. He couldn’t even comment on what it might mean; all he could do was report it.

Before the vision was finished, the Lord stopped and asked Ezekiel, “Do you see this? Do you have any idea of the magnitude of what I am showing you? Do you see what these rising waters are referring to? I know this revelation is awesome and mind-boggling to you, but I don’t want you to miss the true meaning behind it all. The waters indicate the way all things will end.”

Hey! Even Isaiah had a glimpse of this river that appeared in Ezekiel’s vision. But he saw even more. According to Isaiah, in the last days, the people who are following Yahweh will enjoy protection from all satanic attack: “Yahweh will be our mighty defender in a place surrounded by wide rivers and streams. Ships with oars won’t travel on them. Stately ships won’t sail on them” (Isaiah 33:21).

Isaiah is talking about slave-driven warships. He is giving us a picture of the enemy, the devil, as he tries to launch an attack on everyone who is swimming in the river, and it is a picture of total confusion.

Yahweh is trying to tell us that his Living Waters are off-limits to Satan. As the psalmist declared:

Let those who seek my life be put to shame and disgraced.
    Let those who plan my downfall be turned back in confusion.
Let them be like husks blown by the wind
    as the Messenger of Yahweh chases them.
Let their path be dark and slippery
    as the Messenger of Yahweh pursues them” (Psalm 35:4-6).

Amen! Friends, I have said it many, many times before, and I will keep repeating while I have breath in my lungs: Quit worrying and fretting about the “stuff” in your life and allow the “Winds of Heaven” to blow in your life. To quote the wonderful lyrics of Rich Mullins:

The waves crash in
The tide rolls out
It’s an angry sea
But there is no doubt
That the lighthouse
Will keep shining out
To warn a lonely sailor

And the lightning strikes
And the wind cuts cold
Through the sailor’s bones
Through the sailor’s soul
‘Til there’s nothing left
That he can hold
Except a rolling ocean

Oh, I am ready for the storm
Yes, sir, ready
I am ready for the storm
I’m ready for the storm

Oh, give me mercy
For my dreams
‘Cause every confrontation seems
To tell me
What it really means
To be this lonely sailor

And when the sky begins to clear
The sun it melts away my fear
And I cry a silent weary tear
For those who mean to love me

Oh, I am ready for the storm
Yes, sir, ready
I am ready for the storm
I’m ready for the storm

The distance it is no real friend
And time will take its time
And you will find that in the end
It brings you me
This lonely sailor

And when You take me by the hand
And You love me, Lord, You love me
And I should have realized
I had no reasons to be frightened

Oh, I am ready for the storm
Yes, sir, ready
I am ready for the storm
Yes, sir, ready
I am ready for the storm
Yes, sir, ready
I am ready for the storm
I’m ready for the storm


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I thank you for all of your generous tithes and gifts.
Just remember that it is through your faithful and continued support
that make these messages and other aspects of ministry possible.

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