Who Is Our King?

Greetings! This morning I want to challenge the way most of us have been taught. Most of us can understand and accept that the Lord wants to be responsible to administer justice over His earthly kingdom. Think about it: He created us, of course He wants to have control over what He created. However, the way He was going to do this, was by using an earthly king. I realize that may be contrary to what you have been taught. We were taught that Yahweh never wanted His people to have a king, because He always wanted to be Israel’s only King. But, it may shock you to discover that we were wrong.

Throughout the Old Testament, specifically the book of Judges, you will discover that part of the purpose for that the period of Judges was for Israel to finally understand that they could not function as Yahweh intended without a king. It was never an issue of king or no king; the issue was what kind of king Israel was to have and who would appoint that king.

The earthly king over Israel was never supposed to be an autonomous dictatorial authority figure. No! Israel’s king was intended to be God’s servant, set over Israel merely to carry out God’s will. And. God’s will was that His covenants with Israel were the immutable decrees that established the terms and conditions for redemption — not just the redemption of the people of Isra’el, but to all of humanity, but using Israel as His earthly instrument. Doesn’t that make sense? They were to be carefully guarded and carried out by Israel’s king at God’s direction.

But you know, people will be people. The problem with a human king, is not with the office but with the character of the office holder. Earthly kings want personal power and to be served. However, the way Yahweh sees a king, he is a shepherd, a provider, someone who will serve and save. This is what we see throughout the Bible. The Lord knows that our nature requires us to go through a process to get to the glorious end of what He has planned. This is why our God Himself, became a man. So He could redeem His creation, Shepherd His creation and Save His creation.


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