Why Did He Do It?

Yesterday, I told you that because of the cross, the Lord is now able to reach out to His people. What I did not mention (mainly because I presumed you knew) before Jesus died on the cross, there was absolutely no access to His Father for the general public. That’s right; only the high priest could enter the Holy of Holies — and even then, it was only once a year.

However, as a result of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, a path for us into the Father’s presence was created. By His grace alone, Yahweh tore down the wall that blocked us from his presence. Mark 15:38 states that, “The curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom.” Notice it doesn’t say from the “bottom to the top . . .” No, we didn’t initiate access being granted. Yahweh not only initiated the access, He completed the act! Now He can come out to man! Like the father of the prodigal, He is now able to embrace His prodigals and sinners alike.

Think about Israel’s miraculous deliverance from Egypt. As the people of God crossed over on dry land, they turned around and saw the waves crash down on their enemy behind them. Yes, it was a devastating scene to see humans crushed by the waves. But it was still a glorious victory for His people! They held a tremendous praise meeting that would put even the most assertive Pentecostals to shame with all their dancing, singing and shouting out Praises to their King: “We are free! Yahweh has delivered us from our oppression.”

What I want you to see is that Israel’s story represents our deliverance from the bondage and guilt of sin. We know that Jesus defeated Satan through His death on the cross, but we were also immediately set free from his iron grip! But it doesn’t stop there! Our Father has a much greater purpose in saving and delivering us.

Go back to the deliverance of His people of Egypt. Even when He delivered them from their enemy, He never intended for Israel to camp there on the victory side of the Red Sea. Yes, it was fun and exciting (at least for a little while), but His goal was to take them into Canaan, his land of fullness—His land of Promise. What I am saying is that he brought them out . . . in order to bring them in: into His heart, into His love, into His care and into His provision. He wants people who are totally dependent on His Mercy, Grace, and Love.

The exciting news is that this is still true for his people today! That is what you were called to experience

Israel’s first test came just a few days later, and they ended up moaning and griping and complaining, totally dissatisfied. Why? They had known Yahweh’s deliverance, but they had never learned about His great love for them.

What I am saying is that you cannot come into joy and peace until you see his delight in your deliverance! Until you see the joy of his heart over His communion with you; until you see that every wall has been removed at the cross; until you know that everything of your past has been judged and wiped away, you will never experience the “Fullness of Joy” we are called to experience. Our Father wants us to move into the fullness that awaits us in His presence!

Imagine a parent whose child was kidnapped. They pace the floors; bite their nails; fall on their knees as they cry out in pain and anguish. But then there is a knock on the door, and open it to see the Police with their child in their arms! Can you even imagine the joy; the excitement; the elation they must feel? That my friends is the experience our Father felt when that veil was ripped down — as I said, it was torn from the top to the bottom, meaning HE tore that sucker apart!!

Today, Millions upon Millions rejoice in the wonderful benefits of the cross. They have moved out of Egypt, and they are standing on the “victory side” of their Red Sea trial. They enjoy the freedom, and they praise the Lord continually for casting their oppressor into the sea. But many of these same believers miss their Father’s even greater purpose and benefit to them. They miss why the Lord brought them out of their bondage — which is to bring them into Himself. In fact, Jesus declared that the whole purpose and understanding of Eternal Life was to know; to perceive; to recognize to become acquainted with, and understand, the only true God, and His Son, whom He sent (John 17:3).


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