Being A Servant

Most of us know that while Paul was in prison, he wrote several of his “Pastoral” letters. The amazing thing is that while he was sitting in jail, to the church in Philippi he wrote, “You must have the same attitude — the same mindset — that Christ Jesus had  . . .”

Now attitude was amazing because, from a jail cell, Paul declared he was able to cast aside his reputation to become a servant of Jesus and His church. Then he wrote, “I trust the Lord Jesus to send Timothy to you soon that I also may be cheered when I receive news about you” (Philippians 2:19).

There you go! That is the thinking, the outworking, of the mind of Christ. Think about it: Here was a pastor sitting in jail, yet he wasn’t thinking about his circumstances or comfort; he had no concern for his hard situation. His only concern was the spiritual and physical condition of the people he pastored. He was telling his sheep, “My comfort will only come when I know you are doing well, in spirit and body. So I’m sending Timothy to check up on you, on my behalf.” Do you remember when I have shared my beliefs regarding a true Pastor? Here is the perfect example!

Then Paul makes this alarming statement: “I have no one else like him, who will show genuine concern for your welfare” (Philippians 2:20). What a horrible statement to make! Now when Paul wrote this letter, the church in Rome was growing and being blessed. Clearly, there were godly leaders in the church in Rome. But, Paul says, “There is no one who shares with me the mind of Christ.” That is not only sad; it is outrageous!

That should never be said of any church! But why do you think he felt that way? Well, as he explained it “Everyone looks out for their own interests, not those of Jesus Christ” (Philippians 2:21). What a disappointing observation he was forced to make.

Imagine his frustration to realize that there were no leaders in Rome with a servant’s heart — no one who had cast aside a reputation and become a living sacrifice. Everyone pursued his own interests, and evidently, there wasn’t even someone besides Timothy, who Paul could trust to go to Philippi to be a true servant to that body of believers.

I don’t see how Paul could soften his words: “Everybody is out for himself. These ministers seek only to benefit themselves. That’s why there’s nobody here I can trust to naturally care for your needs and hurts, except Timothy!”

That’s what I think we should be praying about:

“Father, please allow your Spirit to train and prepare a body of believers who can lay aside all of their desires for fame and recognition. Oh, not just for your Church. Our world is spinning out of control, and I want to be involved in spreading your Word, So Holy Spirit, show me where I focus only on myself.

“Teach me. Show me where I am messing up. Help me to focus on your thoughts, your concerns. I want to have your heart — your heart of a servant. Be Glorified in my life. Use me as you Ambassador.” Amen!


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