Yahweh’s Life

As I have said before that in the depths of my spirit, I sense an urgent message from the Spirit of God. He is revealing that too many of us are underestimating, and utilizing what our Lord gave us in His death and resurrection. I simply cannot let this message go.

Recently, I sent you two messages describing the power and authority  given to us. I explained that we should not spend time “praying” about our difficulties, but to “speak” to the mountains of illness and debt and whatever else is enslaving us. I explained how I speak to bees (and if they do not heed my message, I curse them, and they die). I speak to fog, and it lifts. I have been driving through blizzard conditions, and speak to the snow, it it will stop. My wife and I witnessed to someone who was so drunk, he passed out on a park bench, and after we prayed, he became as “sober as a Sunday preacher.” I also told you that there is nothing unique and “special” about Patrice and I.  Today I am going to explain what is different and I guarantee it will mess with your Theology and force you to consider the wonder of our New Birth.

We need to understand what it means to be “Born Again.” To see this, jump over the John 10:10:

[Jesus speaking] The thief comes only in order to steal, kill and destroy; I have come so that they may have life, life in its fullest measure

Right before Jesus made that statement, he said, “All those, who have come before me, have been thieves and robbers, but the sheep didn’t listen to them (John 10:8). So it appears that He was specifically referring to those thieves and robbers. He was speaking of those who were claiming to be God’s messengers but weren’t. They were selfish (steal), cruel (kill), and destructive (destroy), all of which are the exact opposite of the true Shepherd. He was selfless and kind and laid down His life for the sheep. This verse is the “acid test” for discerning false messengers of God today as well as the demonic inspiration behind them. The devil steals, kills, and destroys, but Yahweh ministers the “life” that Jesus brings.

The Greek word that John used, which is translated “life,” was ZOE. According to Vine’s Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words, ZOE means “Life as a principle, life in the absolute sense. Life as God has it, that which the Father has in Himself, and which He gave to the Incarnate Son to have in Himself.”

This life is what Adam and Eve possessed before their act of treason and disobedience. Because of their sin, we became alienated from this life. As Paul wrote to the church in Ephesus, “I tell you and encourage you in the Lord’s name not to live any longer like other people in the world. Their minds are set on worthless things. They cannot understand because they are in the dark. They are excluded from the life that God approves of because of their ignorance and stubbornness” (Ephesians 4:17-18).

In this life, we become participants through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ (John 3:15), who becomes its Author to anyone who trusts in Him (Acts 3:15). Jesus is said to be ‘the life‘ [or, “Jesus is said to be the “Zoe”] of the believer, (Colossians 3:4). Zoe is also described as “eternal life,” and become the actual possession of the believer because of his relationship with Christ (John 5:24; 1 John 3:14). And here we always thought that Paul was talking about “eternal life,” being simply a r-e-a-l-l-y long time! NO! Eternal Life is the Zoe, the Life and Nature of Yahweh, Himself!

Most importantly, this life, this Zoe, is not simply a principle of power and mobility, it also has moral associations that are inseparable from it, as of holiness and righteousness. Scriptures continually contrast death and sin, life and holiness in the Scriptures. Once we receive this Life, it will completely revolutionize your being. If you will allow this Zoe, the Life, dominate, your language will change; your values will change; your behavior will change; every aspect of your being will change!

See a description of this life:

Whoever fails to honor the Son is not honoring the Father who sent him. Yes, indeed! I tell you that whoever hears what I am saying and trusts the One who sent me has eternal  (ZOE) life — that is, he will not come up for judgment but has already crossed over from death to life! Yes, indeed! I tell you that there is coming a time — in fact, it is already here — when the dead will hear the voice of the Son of God, and those who listen will come to life. For even as the Father has  (ZOE) life in Himself, so He has given to the Son to have  (ZOE) life in Himself (John 5:23-26)

He is referring to the very Life of God! We can certainly understand that whoever is breathing has life in the sense of physical existence, but only those, who receive Jesus, can experience ZOE: life as God intended it to be.

Not only did Jesus come to save people from the torment of eternal hell but also to give them this ZOE, this life, or we can call it the “God-kind of life.” And Jesus said that we could have it  in abundance. The life of God is not waiting for us in heaven, it is here now, for anyone who is a born-again believer. Our problem is that no one told us about it, or if they have, we have refused to walk in the reality of that Life. I can fully admit and confess that I have experienced this life, but have become weak and walked away from the power and authority it gave me. But our Lord is calling me — and you — to put on his mantle to regain our inheritance. Any believer can release this ZOE life and enjoy it now by losing their natural lives and find this supernatural life.

The way believers, lose their lives, is to deny any thoughts, emotions, or actions that are contrary to the Word of God. Jesus explained that it is “the Spirit that gives this life. The flesh or our carnal nature doesn’t give life, in fact, it is useless; counts for nothing. The words I told you, they are spirit, and they give life [or are from the Spirit who gives life]  (.John 6:63). When we aline our thoughts, emotions, and actions up with the instructions of Yehoveh’s Word, then they will find this ZOE, this life, manifested in our bodies and souls as well.

As believers, we have this Life of our God within us. Because we have this life we can pray healing for someone else; we can curse bees and have them die. Because we possess this life, we can speak to storms and have them dissipate. The only limitation to our authority is what we allow to happen. Matthew 13:58 declares that He [Jesus] was unable to do many miracles there [What? Why? Because He lost His power and authority? Because His power was only available for a certainly period of time? NO!] because of their disbelief. Huh? Another time the disciples came to Jesus and asked privately, Why couldn’t we drive it [a demon] out?

He said it was because they weren’t special enough . . . no He didn’t. He said it was because of their lack of firmly relying trust. “For truly I say to you, if you have faith that is living like a grain of mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to yonder place,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you (Matthew 17:19-20). The big error we make is that we have never been taught to live the reality of this Life. Or we have put aside the mantle of authority Christ has given us and live as common humans.

I hope I am not overwhelming you, but we need to wake up to the reason our Lord suffered so. He desires to bring us back into what His Father intended all along. But I have covered a tremendous amount of information so far, so let’s discuss this more, tomorrow.


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