A New Sense of Power

As some of you know, for the last two years, or so, I have been enduring extreme physical infirmities, as well as financial struggles. Recently, someone offered to pray for me (which I always appreciate). However, before they would pray, they wanted me to understand that our Lord may, or He may not, be willing to heal me. Huh? Yes, that comment confused me, too. As he saw it, “God” may be deliberately causing all of these struggles to teach me.

Well, to put it gently, I believe he is confused. I want you to put yourself in this position. You walk up to a friend who is suffering the loss of all his material wealth; his children; the support of his wife; his health — and he sitting there in despair wracked with pain. Are you going to tell them, “Well, your God is causing all this to teach you a lesson. It is time for you to thank Him for the opportunity to learn”? I hope not!

What I would tell them is that our Lord is willing to take all of the “stuff” you are experiencing, and make you “devil-proof”! Oh, I am not saying that they will never be attacked again, but they will be trained to stand! It is all part of His preparation, as He trains you for greater service, greater anointing and greater usefulness in His kingdom.

I will take it even further than that. The Lord wants to strengthen you against all of the devil’s schemes and tricks. Our Lord is raising up a body of believers who are prepared to face the devil; who have are strengthened and have the “metal” to meet him; who know his devices and are not afraid of him!

You don’t need to why you are going through this. All you need to know is that you will soon take back all the ground that you have lost. You will be in control again — through the power of the Holy Spirit!

Once Elijah’s trial was over (see 1 Kings 19) he would never run again. He finally had a sense of direction and possessed an assurance in his spirit. Our God was about to send him to nations to raise up kings, leaders and prophets!

The Lord told Elijah: “Go back . . . the same way you came . . . anoint Hazael as king of Syria . . . anoint Jehu . . . as king of Israel. And anoint Elisha . . . as prophet to take your place” (1 Kings 19:15-16). Ooh Wee! The Lord was giving Elijah fresh anointing power. He was in control again!

Then in verse 19, we see that Elijah came out of the cave to do God’s will! He didn’t have to shed a river of tears. No, he simply heard the Word of the Lord! And that is what the Lord is attempting to do in your life!

My friends, you must understand that the only hold the devil can have on you is fear. That is all! And you must shake it off in faith! You have to say, “I am not going down. My God is going to give me a fresh anointing from heaven — He is going to use me, to bring Glory to His Name!”

You can believe that your Father is not finished with you — that He is teaching and training you for better things! He wants to speak to you in your cave of despondency. He wants to tell you what to do and where to go — and He wants to bring you out of your distress and struggles!

This is what the Lord continually tells me deep in my spirit and through some of my dearest friends. Continually, I have been told that soon, everything I have lost will be restored. Never once have I believed that He was angry with me or that I was being “punished,” in some way. No! What I have heard, is that all through my struggles, I was being purified and prepared for something bigger. Knowing that has sustained and comforted me. I have never resigned myself to desperation or despair. The Spirit of God was helping me to shake off any bondage of fear and depression!

The Lord will do the same, for you! The Spirit is telling you to leave your cave of despair. To stand strong in the power of His might, enveloped in the peace of His presence. The moment you get up and walk out of that cave, you will discover that the anointing will flow!


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