Thoughts on Psalm 91:1

Anyone who dwells in the secret place of the Most High will remain stable and fixed under the shadow of the Almighty, Whose power no enemy can withstand . . .” (Psalm 91:1)

You know, I was thinking about that verse lately, and I need to point out that it clearly says that if you want to remain stable and fixed, you must remain under the shadow of the Almighty! That’s right, the promise of blessings here are not for just any believers, but for only those who live in close fellowship with their Father. But in Hebrew it is, עֶלְיוֹנִין, the phonetic rendering is Elyon (el-yone’). Meaning, “The Most High. This title stresses our Lord’s strength, sovereignty, and supremacy.

Everyone who looks to Jesus for their Salvation, is brought into the family and protection of this Most High, and are allowed to gaze into the inner sanctuary and the mercy seat, yet, sadly, not all of us actually seek to dwell, to live completely, to remain and to live as a resident, to exist in the presence and in close proximity to our King, to keep our attention directed toward Him and to live insistently in this most holy place.

That’s why I love the Hebrew language, each word is used deliberately and with the fullness of all of its meaning. I mean, when we speak in the English language, we toss in a bunch of verbiages that use up wasted space. But it is not so, in Hebrew.

Now I just said that sadly, not every believer lives this intently and intimately with their Lord. Oh, they may run to Him at times. Like during the Holidays or when they experience a special crisis in their life. And yes, during those times, they actually do enjoy their occasional approaches. But here’s the thing. Those who are drawn to habitually reside in the mysterious presence and seek a continuous communion with their Lord, will not experience those occasional times of crisis.

Oh, I am not saying they will not experience times of trial and testing, but those times will not be times of crisis, but mere challenges to their fleshly desires and comfort. No big deal, little “blips” on the screen.

Aah, now you may be thinking that I am exaggerating this some, but if we are willing to abide in Christ and Christ in us, we will possess those rare and special benefits, which are missed by those who remain at an arm’s length, and grieve the Holy Spirit. But if we are willing to enter the Secret Place, we will come to know the love of God in Christ Jesus. This is when the veil is rent, the Mercy Seat is revealed, the covering cherubs are manifest, and the awful glory of the Most High is apparent! Like Simeon, we have the Holy Ghost on us, and like Anna never leave the temple. We become the courtiers of the Great King, the valiant men who keep watch around the bed of Solomon, the virgin souls who follow the Lamb wherever he goes.

We become, as Charles Spurgeon described, the

“Elect out of the elect, ‘attained unto the first three,’ and shall walk with their Lord in white, for they are worthy. Sitting down in the august presence chamber where shines the mystic light of the Shekinah, they know what it is to be raised up together and to be made to sit together with Christ in the heavenly, and of them it is truly said that their conversation is in heaven.

“Special grace like theirs brings with it special immunity. Outer court worshippers little know what belongs to the inner sanctuary, or surely they would press on until the place of nearness and divine familiarity became theirs. Those who are the Lord’s constant guests shall find that he will never suffer any to be injured within his gates; he has eaten the covenant salt with them and is pledged to their protection. Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.”

Oh Glory to God, The Omnipotent Lord will shield those of us who dwell with him, we will remain under His care and protection of our King! According to the Psalmist, as we commune with our God, no evil can reach us, because the outstretched wings of his power and love will cover us from all harm.

This protection is constant — because we are able to abide under it! It is all we need, because it is the shadow of the Almighty, whose omnipotence will shield us from any attack. Ooh Wee! I can’t even imagine a stronger and more secure shelter than the protection of Jehovah’s own shadow, can you? Picture this: The Almighty himself is where his shadow is, and if we seek to live in this Secret Place, we will be shielded by Yehoveh Himself! Go ahead and wrap your feeble mind around that! As the world around us is facing a deadly storm, we cannot find a more secure refuge to hide in! Communion with our God is safety and the more closely we cling to our Almighty Father the more confident we will be!

Oh brother and sisters, fellow comrades in the Army of our God . . . stand strong in the power and strength of His love and grace!


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12 Responses to Thoughts on Psalm 91:1

  1. Another great blog post! So timely for both me and the book I am writing. Love this “Oh, I am not saying they will not experience times of trial and testing, but those times will not be times of crisis, but mere challenges to their fleshly desires and comfort. No big deal, little “blips” on the screen.”
    Just wondering if you would mind if I used this quote (crediting you) in my book?
    Totally will understand your decision either way


  2. nhiemstra says:

    By the way, let me know when the book is available.


    • Serenity says:

      Thank you again Nikolas for letting me quote you in my book! It’s published here*Version*=1&*entries*=0 and is called The Flawless Life


      • nhiemstra says:

        Wonderful! I don’t what I said that was worthy of repeating, but thank you. I will order a copy. In fact, I will highlight in on Facebook. Hopefully you can sell a few more copies. Shoot, with about 5000 Facebook “Friends,” some should be interested.


      • nhiemstra says:

        Hey! I did not know that you were also a fan of Pastor JD Farag of Calvary Chapel Kaneohe in Hawaii! Many call him my twin. Oh, not because we look anything alike, but our teachings and style of teaching are quite similar. One of these days I have to travel to Hawaii and meet him. Something you may be interested in reading, is my study of Job. One of these days I will have to do what you have done and publish some of my studies. Hmmm . . . someday. I will have to get an editor such as your editor, what do you think?

        There are also other commentaries and studies on the site:

        Let me know how it goes with the book.


  3. Thank you so much! I have written the following:
    Grace remembered something she recently read in a blog by Nickolas Hiemstra. She shared her favourite quote with Kevin. “Oh, I am not saying they [believers] will not experience times of trial and testing, but those times will not be times of crisis, but mere challenges to their fleshly desires and comfort. No big deal, little “blips” on the screen.” And that is really where I am living out my life. The storms of fear and terror are now no big deal, just little blips on my journey.
    It is in the book called “The Flawless Life” and I hope it to be out in the spring this year. And I will be glad to let you know when it comes out – it will be a freebie
    Again, thank you so much for you generous agreement!


  4. Serenity says:

    Hey Nikolas
    Thank you for a facebook shout out! Every little bit helps get the gospel out.
    I’m on page 12 of your study of Job. This is really good. I’ve already encountered several meaningful gems. (In relation to stuff that happens in our lives that are not pleasant, what is expected of us you say, “Jesus did not sing happy, joyous choruses on the cross; He hung there and suffered.” This one reminded me of the error of a mistaken high school christian club teacher who expected us to be happy and smiling every day or we were failing in our faith.) I really think you should consider getting this up on Amazon. I’d be happy to help if you want.
    And yes, editors can make a huge difference. Apparently I’m clueless about commas 🙂
    And JD is the best. I found you on twitter via JD so I knew you already appreciated his ministry.


  5. Serenity says:

    Okay, one more comment. I read a bit further and had to laugh. You’re speaking of when Satan challenged God’s statement that Job is a most righteous man. You said, “The council of heaven has heard the Lord’s estimation of Job as well as the insinuating sneer of the accuser of the brethren as to Job’s integrity. I am sorry if you have a problem with this, but this accusation cannot be
    overlooked. The Word of the Lord is at stake here.” God had to allow Satan to test Job to prove the truth of what He had said. And I thought, I hope the Lord never speaks to Satan about me that He would need to allow His word to be proved true. Best I stay low on the radar 🙂


    • nhiemstra says:

      lol. Well, that’s one option, but don’t forget, he had tremendous confidence in Job to allow such a time of trial. So, that is probably why James was able to say, “Hey, when you are suffering trials, REJOICE! Now, to the natural mind, that sounds pretty goofy. But fortunately, we now have mind and attitude of Christ! Just a thought.


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