My God Is A Crutch?

The last few days I have been sending you some thoughts on Psalm 91. You know, “Whoever lives under the shadow of the Almighty . . .” But someone, who sees faith as a “crutch,” and an “escape,” from real life drama, sent me an email saying, “Hey! Is your god going to rescue you from the evil our President is causing? Is he going to save you from “911” types of attacks? Look, sh** happens, and your god ain’t gonna do sh**. When the earth is growing hotter and all of us die, what then?”

As you noticed, he is not afraid to state his view (albeit not as eloquently as some). But this morning I was doing my daily readings and ran across Psalm 11, and found an appropriate response:

I have still taken refuge in Yahweh!

That seems like a suitable response, doesn’t it? Go ahead and tell me that Yahweh is a crutch, shrug your shoulders and as Mike Warnke used to say, “Well, maybe he is, but when you’re crippled, that’s not too bad!”

When someone starts telling you that the world is falling apart and going to “Hell in a hand basket,” quote the question of the Psalmist:

    How can you say to me:
        “Flee to your mountain like a bird?
        Wicked people bend their bows.
            They set their arrows against the strings
                to shoot in the dark at people whose motives are decent.
        When the foundations of life are undermined,
            what can a righteous person do?”

See? What can a righteous person do? Well, he runs to their Lord for wisdom, discernment, protection and  comfort . . .

Yahweh is in his holy temple.
    Yahweh’s throne is in heaven.
    His eyes see.
        They examine Adam’s descendants [in case you are wondering, that’s us!].
Yahweh tests righteous people,
    but he hates wicked people and the ones who love violence.
        He rains down fire and burning sulfur upon wicked people.
        He makes them drink from a cup filled with scorching wind.
Yahweh is righteous.
    He loves a righteous way of life.
        Decent people will see his face.

Well that settles it for me! As far as my life goes, I will run to my King and He will deliver me! He will rescue me! He will comfort me! He will set my feet on high! He will lift me up to sit with Him above the storms of life! He will heal all of my diseases! He will bring peace and prosperity! He has filled me with His Spirit! He has adopted me and place me in His family! What more do I need? Nothing!

Then again, our King gave us more than dry quiet times and mechanical worship. His desire is for us to share a union with Him! A relationship that is vibrant, intimate, and satisfying! Now, receiving and maintaining that kind of relationship with Him is simpler than some of our preachers have made it out to be. All we have to do is talk more to the Holy Spirit about what is going on in our life and how to feed our heart. Simple? Yep! Maybe not easy, but simple.

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