A Personal Cry

There is stirring a longing, and deep desire to see my Father’s Kingdom established in my life. The Holy Spirit has created a hunger, a passion to know and understand what plan and desire He has for His Church. I long to have a period of revelation grander and deeper than I have already experienced. I hunger to become united to the plans and purposes He has my life. And, I keep challenging you to follow this calling, as well.

However, it will require some effort on your part, and I am wondering how many of us are able to follow through and cry out our Lord, “Glorify me with yourself! Bring me into oneness with you. I ache to be closer, more intimate. Master, it is you that I want. More than signs or wonders, more than health and prosperity, I must have your presence!”

How ’bout it? Do you have the nerve? This is Scriptural, you know. Let me show you. Turn to John’s Gospel, the seventeenth chapter and I’m going to personalize Jesus’ prayer regarding this very thing. You can join me in this prayer if your want:

“Father, Jesus revealed you to me; in fact, you gave me to Him from this world. Everything He has is a gift from you, He continues to pass on to me the messages you are giving to Him and I accept them and believe you sent your son for my salvation and redemption.

“You gave me His name and I ask that you would continue to protect me by the power of His name so that I can be united to you, just as we are. He has protected me by the power of the Name you gave Him, that Name of Son! He has guarded all of us so that none of us is lost . . .

“He has told me many things so I could be filled with joy, and yes, I realize that the world will hate me, as it hated Him, because we no longer belong to their world.

“Father, I am not asking for you to take me out of this world, but to keep me safe from the evil one. I pray that you will continue to make me Holy by your truth and teach me your word, which is truth. I give myself as a holy sacrifice to you so I can be made Holy by your truth.

“I am asking that your Church will become united as one, in the same way that you and Jesus are one — as you are in Him, Father, and he is in you. And may we be so united that the world will believe you sent your Son.”

Cool huh? Listen to Jesus’ plea: “Father, I want those you have given me [that’s us] to be with me where I am, so that they can see the glory that you gave me because you loved me before the creation of the world” (John 17:24).

Wow! What a great way to start our day, isn’t it? The glory that Jesus is talking about has to do with an intimate kind of love — a love that permits no distance or separation from the object of its affection. It desires a complete union, an eternal union.

Jesus had this kind of relationship, and He wants us to experience it too! That blows my mind away (which is dangerous, because my kids tell me I don’t have much to blow to begin with. lol. Just kidding). But this divine love between our Lord and the Father was so important to him, he longed for the day when all of his children could see it with their own eyes! Maybe this is what John was referring to when he wrote, “Dear friends, now we are God’s children. but we have not yet been shown what we will be in the future, although, we do know that when Christ appears we will be like him because we will see him as he is!” How is He? He is united and intimate with Yahweh, the God of Creation; the Almighty God!

Isn’t that what we have been discussing? That is what we are to be anticipating! That is to be our desire and glory, as well.

Oh praise the Holy Name of Jesus Christ for such a glorious thought! Christ is so overjoyed with the glory of his intimate relationship with his Father, he aches to bring all of God’s children into heaven to behold it.

Our Lord was praying, “Father, they must see this glorious love we have. They must see for themselves how fully you give yourself to me. I want them to know how great I am loved — from before the world was created!” Before the first spark of light and before it was separated from darkness, He was loved!

Won’t that be something when we, the redeemed, are brought into God’s great banquet hall, to the heavenly feast, and are permitted to behold the love of the Father for His Son and our Savior?

All of the wondrous things that Jesus prayed for, will be answered on the glorious day when our Lord’s prayer answered! When our Father looks at his Blood-Purchased children, He will joyfully proclaim, “See, children, is it not so? Didn’t I tell you the truth? I love my Son! You have never seen such great love! This is perfect love! Now you see my glory, my love for him and his love for me.”

Oh man, we need to get a glimpse of this! The glory of Christ on that day will be when He reveals to us of Yahweh’s love for his Son! It is such an honor, such joy knowing that we serve a Savior who is loved so deeply. And sadly, it is terrifying to even consider that Lucifer cut himself off from such glory. He is has no love, any more. He has no father. Oh, how disappointing and sad.

I don’t want to meditate on this too much, but this has to be his greatest loss. Think about it a moment. This is the great loss of all Satan’s children, too. To exist without a witness or sense of a Heavenly Father’s love. To be eternally separated from that love! Even as we view it darkly now, we stand amazed and in open-mouthed wonder when we even consider His love for us. We are embraced in union, complete unity and oneness with Jesus while still on earth. Yahweh loves us as He loves his own Son. This truth is what brings us into rest and gives us peace.

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