Finding Hope

What are we supposed to do whenever we are distressed and frustrated about something. It could be something going on in your home, or maybe your finances or something about your job. Who do you call? What do you do?

Well, just remember what our Father told Jacob when he was facing a crisis, a time of turmoil and distress (again) and he had no idea what he was supposed to do. Turn over to the thirty fifth chapter of Genesis. Go ahead, I will wait for you to turn there . . . okay, look at the first three verses:

“Elohim said to Jacob, ‘Go to Bethel and live there’ . . . So Jacob said . . . ‘let’s go to Bethel. I will make an altar there to El, who answered me when I was distressed and who has been with me wherever I’ve gone’” (Genesis 35:1-3)

Aah! So whenever we are having a time where we are frustrated and overwhelmed, we are to go to Bethel. I better explain that one, shouldn’t I? You see, whenever Jacob was in danger or trouble — anxious or felt overwhelmed — he knew where to go and what to do!

The Lord was telling Jacob to go where he could hear He voice and receive his guidance. He went back to where he originally me the Lord, his foundation and beginning of his faith. He needed to get down on his face before the Lord and clean out all of the idols!

Jacob called his sons to bring our all their idols, and he buried them under an oak tree. Then he took his family to Bethel, and erected an altar before God. Once again God told Jacob, “I am with you!” (take a look at Genesis 35:9-13).

Scripture says, “As they moved on, Elohim made the people of the cities that were all around them terrified so that no one pursued them” (Genesis 35:5). The surrounding cities were afraid of Jacob and this little Jewish clan — because God had put that fear in them!

Now think about this. The Lord is still the God of Bethel! And He is declaring, “Go to Bethel because I am going to meet you there! Every time you are in trouble or laying in bed anxious of what could happen, run to the altar! Cry out and get alone with Me!” Oh sure, you can lie in your distress and feeling that the whole world is coming against you. But you need to make the first step and move closer to the knees of your Father because He is waiting for you to meet Him in the secret closet of prayer! Climb on His knees and look in the eyes of your Father who is overflowing with love and concern for you.

If you want a clear word from God Himself, go to Bethel — go to the altar! Shut yourself in with Elohim in a secret place! I believe our God will talk to us there; I believe the Lord will us His wisdom and the guidance we need. But it only happens when we are on our knees! This is where He says He will meet us!

Oh please, open your heart to Him because He is calling you. He is calling you to get your eyes off all of your circumstances. Do not judge anything by your present condition and don’t try to figure it all out. Don’t let control your life and faith. My friends, our Lord will meet us in our prayers!


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