“Some” Is Not Enough

You know, I began sending these “Morning Messages” back in December of 09. Originally, I sent it out to about 6 people during Advent of that year, hoping they wouldn’t mind. Occasionally the Lord would put someone on my heart and I would send the message to them and explain that they were on my heart to receive that message, but if they wished to be removed, to simply let me know.

Over the years the list has grown to almost 300 people who receive this email each day, plus many are forwarding them to others and I also post the messages on my one of my “blogs,” and others have asked me to contribute to their blogs. Amazing!

Please understand that I am not boasting about it. Oh goodness, no. I am simply amazed and honored to see how it is reaching so many people. I am extremely grateful to my Lord for the opportunity to share what He is putting on my heart. I even learned that some Pastors in other countries are translating these messages and sharing them with their churches. Wow! That is amazing and very, very humbling.

Through these Morning Messages, I have hoped to encourage and inspire you, and draw you to a closer walk with our Lord. I want Him to be your entire focus and desire. I am reminded of what Isaiah said:

“The LORD longs to be gracious to you; He will rise up to show you compassion . . . Blessed are all that wait for him! . . .

“Weep no more. He will be gracious to you just at the sound of your voice, when you cry for help, He will come! As soon as he hears, he will answer you. Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, ‘This is the way; walk in it.’

“You will have a song in the night, as on the night you celebrate a holy festival; your hearts will rejoice as when people playing pipes go up to the mountain of the LORD” (Isaiah 30:18–19, 21, 29).

Look at that: “If you will just wait on the Lord — if you will cry out to him, and return to trusting him — He will do for you everything he said and more.” How amazing is that?

As my pastored shared,

The fact that Jesus wants everything  – that is, all of us in sum total, should be obvious to all those of us who proclaim Him as Lord, but it seems that it really isn’t that obvious: the bumper sticker mentality of reducing Jesus to ‘that‘ – namely a bumper sticker, is all too apparent within the Christian ether.

So Jesus becomes the bumper sticker, a Savior in little more than name only, and then the collective witness of the Church falls short – and how could it be otherwise, for until the church allows Jesus to be Lord of all, and to build His church in the manner in which He sees fit,  the ‘witness‘ will always undersell who Jesus is. When the church fails to allow Jesus to be Lord of all, then the all too prevalent earthly mindsets creep in and turn the Church into little more than a ‘holy club‘, and clubs are ten a penny. trusting in Him for all things has to become the norm, for only in active trusting is rest to be found.  And it is only in active rest, that peace is to be found. And when rest and peace are present and active – everything can be cast into His hands, as if by default.

The evidence of your faith is rest. The proof of rest is peace of mind. True faith casts everything into his hands.

Our Father can merely speak a word, and the enemy will fall before us: “At the voice of the Lord the enemies will be stricken with dismay and terror . . .” (Isaiah 30:31). My friends, there is no situation or circumstance our Father cannot solve, no battle he cannot win for us, with a mere word from his lips. Isaiah says “the breath of the Lord” will consume everything in our way (Isaiah 30:33).

The Breath of The Lord

The breath of the Lord
Breathes life where we’re cold
As we meditate on His word
He revives our lifeless souls
And brings to us new meaning
With a new hope in our lives
Then we can proclaim to others
The love of Jesus Christ
So give to Him the place
He so rightfully deserves
And let Him breathe upon your life
Through His holy living word.

© By M.S.Lowndes

I should warn you that this process of trusting Him in all things isn’t easy. Recently, during a financial concern, I told the Lord, “Father, I trust you about this. I have sought you about it, and I will be at peace about it.” But deep in my spirit I heard the Lord say: “Thank you, but I’m amazed that you can trust me with your finances and other material things. Yet, you still won’t trust me with your physical well-being. Your health issues.”

Well, that caught my attention. Yes, I have been very aware of my age, and I have been concerned about what would happen to my family after I’m gone (and these Morning Messages. Who can I get to keep sending them out? Hmm). The Lord’s convicting words hit me like a thunderbolt. I can put every material concern into his hands, but not the eternal concerns. I realized, “Father, you want me to trust you with everything, don’t you?” Deep in my spirit I heard: “Yep!” Ouch.

My friends, and I be blunt with you? Our Father wants it all — our health, our family, our finances, our future. He wants us trust Him with every concern we have. Not only that, He wants us to live in quietness, confidence and rest. So, I am encouraging you to go to your secret closet, get alone with the Lord. Bring everything to him. He has promised, “You will hear my word behind you, telling you which way to go. This is the way — now, walk in it.”

The evidence of your faith is rest. Rest results in peace of mind. True faith casts all things into his hands.

Doulos Studies

(I send out messages like this each morning in emails, and if you are interested in receiving them, send me your email address and I will add you to the list: Mail List)

I do thank you for your gifts.
It is your faithful and continued support that makes these messages possible.

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