A.D. 70

People are watching the news reports and listening to the most prominent prophecy teachers and having different responses. Some are simply ignoring it all. Others are beginning to become fearful and others are excited for the fulfillment of their redemption!

Still others are dismissing all of it and saying things like, “It was fulfilled in A.D. 70, when the Romans destroyed Jerusalem.” Well, I’ll tell you what, go read the writings of Josephus and his reports of the Roman conquest of Jerusalem and of the mass destruction they inflicted on the city. If you have not read the story of this first century conflict, I suggest that you do.

Don’t fall for their faulty arguments. Many writers who advocate that the events of that war between the Jews and the Romans was the “fulfillment” of certain scriptural prophecies, are making absurd claims. Some think it fulfilled a large part of, for instance, Daniel 11; others say it fulfilled portions of Matthew 24. But sadly, it appears that both sides have a “blind spot,” and are greatly mislead.

Those of you who believe that the events of A. D. 70 actually fulfill the eleventh chapter of Daniel [11:21-45], where are the “parallel” of events, nations, and persons mentioned in Daniel 11 to those of A. D. 70? They don’t exist!

How is anything close to being a reasonable comparison of the “king of the north” found in Daniel 11 to the Roman general, Titus? When did Titus, for instance, ever build his “palace” in Jerusalem [Daniel 11:45]? This is only one of the things found in Daniel 11 which do not “fit” the A. D. 70 scenario.

Those who believe that A. D. 70 fulfills Matthew 24, face the same problem. Think about it. If A. D. 70 fulfills Matthew 24:15 (the “abomination of desolation;” seen in Daniel 11:31), then they have to show us how Titus is a fulfillment of the man in Daniel 11 who is responsible for the “abomination of desolation.”

Now, in order to skip over these arguments, some say that Daniel 11 was fulfilled by Antiochus Epiphanes long before the birth of Christ. The problem here is that Jesus had placed the “abomination of desolationAFTER his own time. So explain how this could possibly have been fulfilled by Antiochus? He live before Christ was even born! As John Adams said, “Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence!”

If you want A.D. 70 to be a fulfillment of Matthew 24, it would have to mean that it is also the fulfillment of Daniel 11, yet there is simply NO way to make a Scriptural correlation between Daniel 11 and the events of A.D. 70!  Please show me any Scriptural similarity between Daniel 11:21-45 [which presents the “king of the north“] and what took place in A.D. 70 under Titus.

One way I have seen made to skirt around the problems I have offered, is with what they call the “double-fulfillment” of Daniel 11 — first by Antiochus, then later in A.D.70. Really? This doesn’t explain anything. Christ referred to a FUTUREabomination of desolation,” mentioned in Daniel. [Matthew 24:15]. In other words, Daniel’s prophecy is the “rule,” or “standard,” that we have to use in order to measure any alleged “fulfillment.” Once you compare the A.D. 70 scenario to Daniel 11, the “puzzle-pieces” just do not fit. That is the reality.

The obvious conclusion is that Daniel 11:31 and Matthew 24:15 have NOT been fulfilled They have not been fulfilled either in A.D. 70 nor at any time since! But are being fulfilled in our time, before our very eyes!

It seems perfectly clear, to me anyway, that we still need to look to the future for the fulfillment of Daniel 11:31 and Matthew 24:15 and all of the other events of those passages. A Middle East king (and not the Pope and not a leader from Europe) who Daniel refers to as “The Assyrian,” will fulfill Daniel 11:21-45, conquering the nations of that area and building his “palace” in Jerusalem [Daniel 11:45]. This man is Daniel’s” “little horn,” Paul’s “man of sin,” and Revelation’s “beast.” He arises in the northern area [Daniel 11:21], and through a series of conflicts and wars, dominates the nations of the Middle East. He will be defeated and destroyed at the second coming of Christ.

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