Important Videos to Watch and Grow

I broke Pastor J.D. Farag’s last two videos into six separate, but very informative messages. Can I suggest that you do not view them, one-right-after-the-other. Listen to each prayerfully and allow them to nourish your spirit:

A Very Deceiving Night

In this message, Pastor Farag remember’s the sinking of Titanic and compares it, to our current events. And speaks on the blindness of many Christians today.

We Must Know & Understand The Word

J.D. Farag looks at events in the Middle East and offers strong admonitions for Christians to know and understand the Word of God. Without a firm grasp of God’s Word, you will become disheartened and fearful. But with your understanding comes peace and a settled heart.

Is This Really It?

For many, many years teachers have said that “Soon, very soon,” our Lord would return.

But with the “events” throughout the world, but mostly in Isra’el, we need to ask if the warnings we have heard, finally coming true?

For me, it seems more important than ever before that we know the Truth.

Now Is The Time

JD Farag emphatically illustrates that in these troubling times, we need to maintain a peaceful and settled heart. Now, more than ever before, we need to know and understand God’s Word.

Miracles In The Midst of Chaos

Even in the midst of what seems impossible situations, Yahweh, our God, proves that He is still able to save and redeem. Nothing is greater than He.

Why Pastors Do Not Preach the Rapture

This is a message from last December, but one you need to hear. Pastor JD Farag discusses why most pastors do not teach about the rapture to their congregations. Why do so many avoid discussing end times prophecies from the Bible?

Doulos Studies

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