The Revelations in the King’s Chambers

The Revelations in the King’s Chambers

After she is brought into his chambers, the awesome presence of God quickly reveals every thing that is not of him as blackness. “I am black,” (Song 1:5) she cries as she is brought to the light of God. Not black with deliberate disobedience and sin, because she has already been bought and cleansed from the past. In order to have been brought this far into relationship with the Lord, she had to have put aside everything that was knowingly wrong in her life.

The Spirit of God will deal deeply with everyone who makes the confession of the maiden that they “will run after you.” He will reveal everything in their heart and life that is contrary to the mind of God. If the believer is obedient at every point, then the moment comes when the light breaks in and in the King‘s chambers the redeemed one cries, “I am black!” Not, as I already said, with the sins that have been put away, but black in herself, in her humanity, in all her accursed inheritance from the first Adam.

Before, she only thought about the blackness of sin. But now, she sees that beauty as a creature is corrupted. All of her natural endowments and gifts are corruption. She laments, “I was left alone, gazing at this overwhelming vision; I had no strength left, my face turned pale and I was helpless” (Daniel. 10:8). “My ears had heard of you but now my eyes have seen you. Therefore I despise myself” (Job 42:5-6), “I am undone, I am ruined, I am unclean” (Isaiah 6:5).

When this self-abhorrence is real and deep, then you will not hesitate to acknowledge it. Many people want the self-life dealt with in secret and are not willing to be as honest before others as they are before God. Some even refuse to be fully open before their God. This pride has to be broken before deliverance can come. Even our spiritually religious appearances must be surrendered so that we can be brought into a life of transparent reality before both God and man.

My wife has a marvelous gift that allows her to see beyond the words people speak. She is able to see inside the motives and truth in what people say to her. Okay, granted, I call it a marvelous gift — but it can also be very disconcerting when you are the patient under the knife of the exam — unable to hide from her probing eyes. This is not something she does deliberately, or even consciously — she doesn’t even see it as all that “special.” But the insight she has is very amazing and the more marvelous because of her innocence in using the gift.

In realizing the depth of her blackness, the maiden also realizes the changes that have been done through the righteousness of Christ. This new beauty shows her acceptance in Christ and the transforming effect of grace in her life. “Yes, I am black, yet lovely, O daughters of Jerusalem. Black in myself as the rough, unsightly tents of Kedar” (Song 1:5). Kedar refers to a dark room or chamber, so she is pointing to her dark and un-renewed mind or soul. Paul stated that he counted everything in his soul-life as rubbish, and consequently experienced the righteousness of God. In the same way, the Church or believer is often referred to in the symbolic language of Scripture as the moon. The moon is dark in itself, it has no light of its own, but the light it gives off is a reflection of the light from the sun. The sun in scripture represents Jesus.

She proclaims that she is “dark like the tents of Kedar” yet is as attractive as the beautiful curtains of Solomon.” Solomon‘s curtains were made of fine linen, which refer to the righteous acts of the saints (Revelation 19:8). Our maiden has turned to the finished work of her Redeemer, knowing that she is accepted in the Beloved, and covered with His beauty in the eyes of a Holy God.

One with Him, O Lord, There I live, and yet not I
Christ it is who there adores Thee;
Who more dear, or who more nigh?
All the Father‘s heart mine own — Mine — and yet His Son’s alone.
~Author Unknown

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