The King’s Voice


Whoever has my commandments and obeys them,
he is the one who loves me . . . and I will . . . manifest Myself to him
~John 14:21


Lover:       O my love, I have compared you to my mares harnessed to
one of the chariots of Pharaoh. Your cheeks are beautiful
with  ornaments, your neck with chains of beads. We will
make you ornaments of gold, studded with silver.

Beloved:   While the King is at his table, my perfume gives its
                  fragrance. My love to me is a sachet of myrrh resting
                  between my breasts. My lover is to me like a cluster of henna
                  blossoms from the vineyards of En Gedi.

                  At his table, Jesus opens his heart to his redeemed one. The
                  Bridegroom has much to say to his own which cannot be
                  said at the beginning. He must first say, “Follow Me” and
                  draw us away from other interests before he can tell us of a
                  path that is expedient for us that will lead to a fuller
                  knowledge of himself. (Song 1:9-14)

In answer to her cry, the King speaks words of comfort to her. She recognizes his voice immediately, in the same way that a baby knows the voice of her mother. The Zoë — the Divine Life, that was imparted to her responds intuitively to the voice of its Creator.

In this first degree of union with the Lord, he seems to speak very little and very briefly. The pouring out is on the side of the one seeking to know him. He answers her very briefly, and encourages her with the renewal of his promises. Although, unbroken communion with him is not yet established.

Her heart‘s cry is, “My soul follows hard after you” (Psalm 68:3), Jesus said that “the Kingdom of heaven is obtained by force” (Matthew. 11:12), or as the Amplified Bible says, “men seize it by force (as a precious prize) — a share in the heavenly kingdom is sought for with most ardent zeal and intense exertion.”

With this intense, vehement pressing on to know the Lord comes her abandonment for the Holy Spirit to do his work at any cost. This is what the King sees in his friend and what he compares to the swift course and quick obedience of the beautiful steeds in the royal chariot of Pharaoh (Song 1:9). This horse is “full of the strength of the Lord; laughs at fear; does not shy away from the sword; cannot stand still when the trumpet sounds; catches the scent of battle from afar, the shout of the commanders and the battle cry” (Job 39:19-25).

It has been said that it is unnecessary to drive a soul that goes without driving! Once our will is wholly surrendered to God, and the decision made to obey and follow at all costs, the Holy Spirit will be able to do his work quickly and efficiently. Our delays and ceaseless arguing grieves and hinders the Lord. They will keep you from emerging from the region of restlessness and frustration, into perfect rest.

It is very important that you not lose your rest in seeking to know the Lord. This is where I most often lose touch with the Lord’s working in my own life. William Law has said, “Thou canst go no faster than a full dependence of God can carry thee.” The Lord will lead you on safely, if we are simply true in aim and quick in obedience to every indication of his will.

When we come to this point in our spiritual journey, we must remember the danger of the impulsive and impetuous nature of our flesh. Only the Holy Spirit can teach us true cooperation with his workings. We can trust him not to allow us to lag behind, or press beyond his leading. It is very important that each degree of union be established before we are led on the next.

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