The King’s Promises

The King’s Promises

Your cheeks are beautiful with plaits of hair . . .” (Song 1:10). Each of us possesses certain traits and abilities that just come naturally. Maybe it is an ability to teach, or a heart to serve. Some have artistic talents and others have musical skills. Some have the desire to give of themselves, their finances, their mechanical skills. The King sees a measure of natural beauty, talent, and strength in the maiden. This is what the plaits of hair signify. These are parts of our personality that, from an earthly point of view, we would call beautiful or gifted. There are also character traits formed from your relationship with the Lord. The more time spent in prayer, study of the Word and worship, the more you begin to reflect the heart of the Lord.

The comparison between the two is made now, in order to point out that despite the revelation of the inner-chamber and a true quest for a spiritual life, your own natural endowments might come into too much prominence in this pursuit. The problem is, many people do not make any progress (or progress very slowly), in the spiritual life because of the intrusion of those natural gifts. Only what is formed and shaped by God can be considered in terms of true value and carry us to our goal. Many times our natural abilities get in the way. We need to surrender to his work in our lives — to be formed in his image, not our own image.

As I mentioned, this seems to be what he is promising to do within the maiden‘s life when he says, “We will make you plaits of gold with studs of silver” (Song 1:11).

Gold symbolizes the divine nature and silver refers to a redeemed man. In other words, the Bridegroom is promising to transform the maiden through redemption. He will crown her with the divine life. The working of gold into ornaments or a braided wreath requires a lot of fire as gold is only workable when melted. Fire in scripture refers to tests and trials — in some cases, suffering. Not, necessarily, suffering in the sense of sickness and disease, but suffering the denial of our fleshly desires. The promise of the Bridegroom is to transform all that is of the natural life into the divine nature.

If she remains surrendered to his work and pliable under his touch and if she continues to press on for the prize of the high calling of God, he will finish the work! As she fully surrenders her heart and will, she will know the divine life in union with the Glorified One; she will sit down with him in his throne and be a partaker of his glory. For those who have a longing heart, God has promised to fulfill all their desires. Rest on his Word!

God is not a man, that he should lie,
nor a son of man, that he should change his mind.
Does he speak and then not act?
Does he promise and not fulfill‖ (Numbers 23:19)?

O longing heart,
your God has promised to fulfill all your desires.
Rest upon His royal Word in all that is to come.
The word of the Lord may try you, as it did His servant Joseph,
but it came to pass then, and it shall be fulfilled to you.
~Jesse Penn-Lewis

Doulos Studies

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