The End of The Age

Here are some videos from Jim Staley of Passion For Truth. It is a six-video series entitled, “End of The Age.”

Try to set aside the time to watch each video separately and studiously. Take your time and don’t allow them to play in the background, but rather focus and listen intently to each video.

I say that because you will discover far more in each video, than what the title a description gives you.

One thing more. This series was posted over a year ago. After you watch the videos, and lay them against current events, it will blow your mind.

Jim Staley thoroughly explains how much of today’s Middle Eastern conflict directly stems from the Biblical conflicts between Isaac and Jacob, and Ishmael and Esau. Who are these groups today? What is their ideology? What are their goals? Knowing the “players” of the End Days is critical to understanding how prophecy will unfold!

In this second part of Pastor Jim Staley’s video, we see the origins of the most dangerous threat in the world today: Islam. Why is Mecca the center of Islamic worship? Why are the crescent moon and star so widely associated with Islam? What is the difference between Babylon and “mystery” Babylon of prophecy, and how does each factor into the end-times? It’s vital that you understand these topics in the correct context to know where we stand during the “End of the Age”!

What does the Bible mean when it talks about heads, beasts, horns, and mountains? Where does the Anti-Christ come from? How does the chaos in the middle east today relate to the pictures given in Biblical prophecy? Is all of this talk about an “Islamic Caliphate” relevant to the end times? In this new full-length teaching, Pastor Jim Staley discusses these topics and more! You’ll see Biblical prophecy come alive as you learn all about the destruction of Babylon, the Best of Revelation, and the “King of the North.” It’s vital that we understand these topics in the correct context to know where we stand during the End of the Age!

This is an area I have been wrestling with for awhile, and after viewing this video, my interest has been piqued. As I have said many times, pray for pre-trib, but prepare for post-trib. I could argue several points on this with Staley, but pay close attention when, in the middle of the teaching, he begins to explain the “appointed times,” the meaning of each appointed festival. Because EVERY aspect of our Lord’s sacrifice, burial, rising, and the coming of the Spirit of God occurred on specific appointed Feasts, and so will His coming for His Church!

I ask you to view this video because he does explain several aspects, beyond the Rapture, that are important for you the hear. For instance, did you know that the Second Coming of Christ is mentioned over 300 times in the 260 chapters in the New Testament? (That is 1 out of every 25 verses!) Indeed, the Second Coming of Christ is the single most important future event mentioned in the entire Bible. The various doctrines surrounding this event (where, when, and how?) also make it one of the most controversial subjects in all of Christianity. Knowing what the Bible teaches about the Rapture is vital to understanding Biblical prophecy, but you’ll also be amazed to discover just how much this subject impacts our own lives! Therefore, try to understand this important subject in the correct context to know where we stand during the “End of the Age!”

Just to provide further thought, I put this video in for you to consider. It is a message from last December, but one you need to hear. Pastor JD Farag discusses why most pastors do not teach about the rapture to their congregations. Why do so many avoid discussing end times prophecies from the Bible?

Are we judged immediately after death? Are people burning in hell right now? What are we to make of all these reported “near-death experiences” where people claim to have gone to heaven or hell? Out of a thousand theological issues that Christians today discuss and debate, this one is near the top of the list of important topics. In fact, the author of Hebrews calls it a “foundational” doctrine. Are you sure that your current beliefs are biblical?

Pastor Jim Staley unpacks what the Bible teaches about this very important question. It’s vital that we understand this issue in the correct context to know where we stand during the “end of the age.”

In all of Biblical prophecy, few topics are more misunderstood and controversial than the Millennial Kingdom. Will the Messiah, Yeshua (Jesus), literally reign on earth for a thousand years immediately after His Second Coming? Is the Millennial Kingdom spoken of in the Book of Revelation metaphorical? When does the Millennial Kingdom take place? Is it already here?

In this sixth part of our end-times prophecy series, End of the Age, Pastor Jim Staley discusses the three main viewpoints concerning the Millennial Kingdom. You will learn all about when this event occurs on God’s prophetic timeline, how the Bible describes this incredible Messianic era, who will be part of this Kingdom, and much more! Knowing what the Bible teaches about the Millennial Kingdom is vital to understanding Biblical prophecy, but you’ll also be amazed to discover just how much this subject impacts your own life!

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