The Lord’s Attitude

The Lord’s Attitude

The Risen Lord approaches the maiden from without, so that he can draw her attention away from her old experiences within.

She sees her Beloved as a gazelle, swift in movement, and he is no longer sitting at his table, but rather he is standing and he is waiting for some response to his voice; standing, she adds behind our wall (Song 2:9). She is not afraid to say “our” now. She is growing a little bolder in her knowledge of him, and is actually proud to think that he is shut in with her in the Banqueting House, in the inner retreat of her heart. She thinks that this wall is something he made, but she is wrong; she doesn‘t realize that this wall will actually hinder the manifestation of him to others. Later, he will deal with that part of the old life.

There has to come a breaking down of the walls (Isaiah 22:5), because there are no walls in the resurrected life. Christ broke down the middle wall of partition between man and man, and between man and God (Ephesians 2:14-16). He died so that there could be a new creation, one new man, brought to complete unity (John 17:23). Every division caused by sin stops in him.

The wall, which the maiden is calling our wall, must be broken down, if she wants to be one with her Lord in his life poured out for others!

She is still caught up in the revelations of the Banqueting House and is not thinking of others, she is too absorbed in her days of heaven on earth; she does not want to look over the wall at the men in the valley, men oppressed by sin and bound by demons. She wants to ignore the broken hearted in this sorrow-stricken world. Like Peter, she wants to forget about the multitude because of the glory of the mount of transfiguration.

She cannot imprison the Lord behind her wall. He must move in the power of his resurrection in the hearts and lives of men. He must liberate the captives and set free those that are bound. He must heal the bruised and broken hearted. He must proclaim unto Zion Your God Reigns! It for was this that he gave his life. It was for this that he endured the cross. He came to destroy the works of the evil one, to render him powerless, and to liberate the sons of men into the glorious liberty of the sons of God. He wants her to follow him in the resurrection power.

For ages, the Lord has looked down to hear the groans of the prisoners . . . those condemned to death” (Psalm 102:19-20).

In those early days of your walk with Christ, when the Holy Spirit first came in all of his splendor and the revelation Christ within, when he first overtook your heart, who hasn‘t known the temptation toward spiritual self-esteem?

There was the danger of looking on others with pity and unconscious (and sometimes conscious) judgment. Maybe there were times when we backed away from our duties, for the luxury of retreating to that inward communion with the King. There have been times we were so absorbed with him, we never concerned ourselves with those around us. We may have been incapable of understanding matters of practical importance, because all the outward things seemed only echoes of another world.

If she will just tear down that wall, she will become one of the delivers to set them free (Obadiah 21; Romans 8:19-21). You see, we are to look out for the interests of others, and not merely our own personal needs and in fact, to have the attitude that was in Christ Jesus who “emptied himself to become a servant. We are not to expect ― to be served, but to serve, and give our life ― as a ransom for many, to pay the price to set them free (Philemon 2:4-7; Matthew 20:28; III John 4; John 17:19; II Corinthians 12:15; 15:28).

Looking back in the fuller light of the mountain vision, we see the imperfections of those days, and understand why our mother’s sons were incensed against us. They saw the possibility of spiritual selfishness, and were afraid the vineyards would suffer.

Their failure was in not trusting the Lord to finish the work that he had begun, and lead his child forward to more Spirit-energized activity in the future.

The maiden, rejoicing in her lover‘s presence behind the wall, fails to notice that his whole attitude expresses movement. He stands, as if ready to depart; he looks in the windows of her soul; he flashes new rays of light; he glances through the lattice; he shows Himself (Song 2:9), to allure her to arise and follow — but she is too deeply satisfied with her banqueting house experience to understand. Later, as she learns to know the Lord better, she becomes quick of scent in his will, and intuitively detects the meaning of his movements; but right now, she is still too much in the heavy life of earth to understand anything less than plain language.

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