The Maiden’s Focus

The Maiden’s focus

She has finally realized God‘s love for her, yet she sees herself as the center of attention and not the Lord. She sees her Lord as primarily belonging to her, rather than her being possessed by him. “My lover is mine” (Song 2:16). Later in the Song, we will see her perspective change as she says, “I am my lovers.”

We also see that the King pastures his flock “among the lilies” (Song 2:16), which here represents other believers that also have dedicated and pure hearts toward God. It is among these, that He really feeds and strengthens His flock. You see, it is not enough for us to rest on our old experiences, and to comfort ourselves that our Lover is ours, or that he is still in our heart. We have to learn to press on and walk in his will in sensitive obedience, if we are going to know the Lord.

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