The Transfigured Soul

The Transfigured Soul

After the period of rest is over, they see the maiden emerging from the wilderness. When others see her, they are amazed and glorify the God they see in her.

They knew all about her time of sorrow. They saw her running through the streets in pursuit of her lover. They had seen her asking the watchmen for their help. But her friends look at her and exclaim, “Who is this?” What a change has taken place! Not too long ago, she was desolate, broken, weeping, but now she is transfigured, and the days of her mourning have ended. She is coming out of the wilderness with the glory of the Lord seen upon her.

They compare her to a pillar of smoke. The same expression used by the prophet Joel in describing God‘s wonders in the days when he will pour out his Spirit (Joel 2:28-30). God is also manifested in a “pillar of cloud” (Exodus 13:22) when he went in front of his people. The inference is that as the believer emerges from the wilderness, they will manifest the power of the Holy Spirit and the wall that hid her indwelling Lord from others will be broken down.

It is worth going through the wilderness for this! It is worth the cost of the apparent forsaking by the Lord, to come out perfumed with myrrh — with the fragrance that alone can come from fellowship with him of whom it is written, “It was the Lord’s will to crush him and cause him to suffer” (Isaiah 53:10). She is also melted; no longer hard and unbending, but tender and broken with his love; so pliable and yielding to his will that he compares her to frankincense, a liquid distilled gum. Others are broken at God’s feet because of the melting power of Gods love manifested through her.

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