The Trial of Faith

The Trial of Faith

Poor thing! Her hesitation is going to cost her! She opens the door, or abandons herself to him afresh, but instead of his voice and face — there is silence. The Lord had withdrawn, apparently wounded in the house of his friend.

I opened for my lover, but my lover had left; he was gone“ (Song 5:6). The withdrawal of the light of his face this time, is far more bitter than when he hid himself before. Then, it seemed to be without apparent cause, only that she was dull of hearing didn’t understand his call. Now, she is torn with the self-reproach that he turned away because she did not open to him immediately.

To someone in her position of privilege, it appears as the blackest crime. She had been brought into such union with him that he had manifestly sealed her as his own possession. He gave her signal proofs of his love and joy in her; his glory had been seen on her by others. That she could hesitate, even in thought, over obeying and following him at any cost, brings unspeakable sorrow and shame to her heart. It’s no wonder that he turned away; he is grieved and wounded by the one for whom he has done so much, the one on whom he should have been able to count to the end.

How the anguish sweeps over her! To her it is sin—blackest sin. How could she have dared to speak of having washed her feet, and of fearing to defile herself, when she was grieving him at the very time? What else can she do but fly to the fountain opened for sin and humble herself before her God.

The Lord, “excellent in counsel, and wonderful in working,“seems to make use of her shrinking, to bring about the fellowship with him which he desires.

Her hatred of sin is so deep that she could have excepted any suffering, so long as she knew that her conscience was void of any offense. The agony of having wounded her King is unspeakable. She now confesses that she intuitively knew in the depths of her spirit what his call meant. At the first sound of his voice her soul failed her, as if it “went forth“from her (Song 5:6), and her “spirit fainted“within her (Psalm 142:3).

Doulos Studies

(I send out messages like this each morning in emails, and if you are interested in receiving them, send me your email address and I will add you to the list: Mail List)

As you know, I send these Morning Messages out free of charge, and there is one very simple reason. As the late Keith Green taught, no one should be left out of hearing God’s Word due to a lack of funds.

To echo something Keith said, “I only want to build God’s Kingdom and see it increase, not my own. If someone writes a great poem no one praises the pencil they used, they praise the one who created the poem. Well, I’m just a pencil in the hands of the Lord. Don’t praise me, praise Him!”

This is why I follow his lead in offering anything I write, produce, or even ministering in churches at whatever you can afford. I fully understand that there are many with limited resources and if you are among this group, please receive any aspect of my ministry without any obligation. I am honored to offer them to you.

But, as you can imagine, there is absolutely no way for me to determine your situations, so, twice a year, I now have to ask everyone for support. Please understand that if you are unable to help defray the costs, completely disregard any requests for support and know that it is a privilege to serve you.

If you are not among those listed above, and if you are able, please do support the costs. They are low, but they do exist and I depend entirely on the voluntary financial support of believers like you. As you probably know, I am not sustained by any other ministry or church. This is a work of love and passion, and something the Lord has given me to do.

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