The Work of a “Skillful Workman”

How beautiful you are and how pleasing” exclaim those gazing at the workmanship of the Divine Workman. He has brought her to know a moment-by-moment dependence on him that will keep her following his plans. Her capacity for him is being enlarged day-by-day so that the fruit which he brings forth is as clusters of grapes. She is now at his disposal in truest selflessness. She is a tower for him in immovable steadfastness. He has brought her whole being into the stillness that is essential for his fullest working. He has taught her the quick perception of his will. He has given to her the ability to know that strength of faith in his Word which will hold the King captive to perform it.

Your stature is like that of a palm tree” is the verdict of those who call her blessed, because she has reached the measure of manhood and is as a pillar in the house of her God.

“The palm tree is an upright, fruit-bearing tree. It will not be pressed or bound downward, or grow crooked, though heavy weights be laid on it. The more it is oppressed the more it flourishes; the higher it grows, the stronger and broader it is in the top” (Alexander Cruden, Cruden’s Complete Concordance)

The righteous will flourish like a palm tree,” the psalmist said of those who are “planted in the house of the Lord.” The growth is rapid in the clear atmosphere of the mountain of God and in the sunshine of his face. The life of God cannot be bound, or turned aside into crooked ways. It can have no fellowship with darkness. By its nature, however much it may be oppressed and despitefully used, it will spring higher and stronger into the pure air above the things of the earth and bear fruit for God.

Doulos Studies

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One Response to The Work of a “Skillful Workman”

  1. Christine Crawford says:

    Oh please Nickolas can we have something to ponder on apart from the Song of Songs? Maybe intersperse your thoughts….


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