The Maiden’s Fellowship With Her Lord

It is great to see how this hidden one is growing in the knowledge of her Lord! There was so much of me and my in those early days.

Then it was, “My lover is to me . . .” (Song 1:14). Now she says, “There will I give you my love;” in effect, “I will give the love you have implanted in me, back to you, by pouring it out to those for whom you have died.” “For one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me” (Matthew 25:40), the Master said. In binding up the brokenhearted with his word of healing, in proclaiming his liberty to the captives, in comforting all that mourn with the comfort of God, her life is love; and love — His love — is satisfied!

She has also learned to be at home in the sanctuary of his Presence everywhere. “There,” in the midst of ceaseless service, He is with her, and “there,” in pouring out to thirsty hearts she gives Him to drink.

Doulos Studies

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