The Maiden’s Resting Place

However foolish and ignorant she may be, there is no question as to the integrity of her heart. Her will is always kept immovably set to obey. “I only desire to be taught,” she says. “That He may have His way and be satisfied is all I want. Oh for the rest and the upholding of the Everlasting Arms!” Ah, she thought she knew how to keep step, but she sees she is as helpless as ever. She needs to be carried. Now she knows what is meant by being a “little one,” and understands the Master’s words that the greatest in his Kingdom is as a “little child” (Matthew 18:4). She is maturing in truth because she is progressing from “the cross to the cradle!” Her growth in the stature of Christ will be manifested in the child-spirit which forever lies down in the Father’s bosom.

Doulos Studies

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