Leaning on The Beloved

A pause, and again the daughters of Jerusalem exclaim, “Who is this?” as they watch her emerge from her time of rest in the Lord’s care. They see her now leaning on her Beloved because she has learned that she can only keep in step with him as she leans on him every moment in utter dependence and helplessness.

It is possible that in all the activity of service, chasing after every open door or by the gathering of precious fruits, she had failed to keep sacred her hours of waiting on her Lord.

In the full assurance of union with him, and in the abundance of his life working through her, she may have thought that he would supply her need and renew her strength in the midst of busy service. This he never fails to do when the claims are real needs. However, warped and unreasonable claims come, that are not from him.

These warped claims could be from believers who seek nourishment from the earthen vessels instead of from God himself: if they do not receive the encouragement or compliments, they wear themselves out; they need daily uplifting from their spouse or Pastor; Or maybe the warped claims are questions from a heart that should learn to trust and not attempt to trace the dealings of God until he feels it is time to reveal his purposes; Maybe they are from Christians who have sought guidance after making their own plans! All these things come to those who faithfully seek to the servants of all.

The hidden one must learn that the pressure of the needs of others, fancied or real, must never intrude on the sacred hours of waiting on the Lord. Active service especially demands these times alone with God. The Master needed them, for do we not read: “Great multitudes came together to hear, and to be healed . . . but he withdrew himself in the deserts and prayed” (Luke 5:15-16).

In the face of all the real needs, he withdrew! No, it is not a waste of time; it is economy because our service is fruitless without the full power of his abundant life, which must be renewed at his feet every day.

As soon as there is pressure, it is clear evidence that we should get alone with God. The claims may make this seems impossible, but he can make the way clear — if we know our need and are willing to retire from the vineyards as soon as we hear his call — leaving his work to him who is alone responsible, recognizing that he is in control!

The Lord, in his watchful keeping of his loved one, saw that she did not understand her need. So he allured her into the wilderness of rest by hiding himself for a moment (Song 8:1-3), simply to draw her attention from the vineyards to seek instruction at his feet. We have seen how she regained her resting place, while her Beloved speaks for her to the busy daughters of Jerusalem, forbidding them to stir her up — until he pleased.

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