Communion with The Well-Beloved

Leaning on her lover, what privileges belong to the hidden one! He whispers in her ear, “If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be given you” (John 15:7), and she replies, “We have a young sister . . . what shall we do for our sister?” She can speak to him freely about all who are on her heart, assured that they are on his heart, too.

He replies, “We will build towers,” or “enclose her with boards,” as if to say, “She will be dealt with according to her need; leave her now to me.” It is sufficient to know that when he hears, we have the petitions we desire of him.

Abraham’s exchange with God held back the judgment on Sodom so that Lot was saved. Abraham himself did not have to go urgently for Lot’s deliverance. No, instead, as he stood before the Lord, the angel came to him.

That is how the children of God gain admittance to the sanctuary, and in fellowship with a living, all-powerful Lord, place such battlements around their loved ones to guard and keep them unknown to themselves, until, in his fullness of time, they are brought to know the Lord.

So the Lord will teach his hidden ones to use the privilege of their position and learn to move the hand that moves the world, as they stand in intercession “God-ward for the people.”

Doulos Studies

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