The King as Counselor

The maiden has learned to walk very silently with her God. The talkative disposition of early days has passed away. She has no desire now to blaze abroad the secrets of his love. The life hidden in the heart of God is a very deep and silent one. When God speaks, he speaks with a purpose and the soul is learning to partake of his divine silence. She cannot talk just for the sake of talking, nor can she listen to or pass on to her neighbors, the thousand petty and insignificant stories that so easily impress those whose minds are set on earthly things.

The Lord dwells in the garden of her soul. She tells him that the companions are eagerly listening for his voice through her, will he please cause her to hear it so that she can speak only when he speaks! She craves to be nothing more than a voice which passes away, leaving the Living Word in the hearts around.

He has promised to be a Wonderful Counselor if she will permit the government of her whole being to remain on his shoulders. He will cause her to know the way that she should walk as she goes out — every moment “leaning on her Lover.”

Doulos Studies

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