The Things We Learn From Children

One of my sister-in-laws takes care of foster children and recently shared some excellent insight that each of us should learn:

God is always teaching me things through these precious foster children that pass through my home. This week I had a 3 year old and her 3 month old brother. The little girl, Natalee, was very sweet and had a great imagination and loved to be read to. I have a book that plays “Jesus Loves Me” and has pictures of kids with Jesus.

One of the kids had red hair like Natalee and I said “Look, there you are with Jesus!” We talked about Heaven and how we will go there to live with Jesus and how happy we will be. She got so excited and kept asking me every few minutes if we were going to go right now to see Jesus. I tried to explain we do not know when we will go to see Jesus. But she continued to ask–before her nap, after her nap– throughout the day–“when can we go to see Jesus; when are we going to Heaven?” Always with such joy and anticipation.

It made me stop and think: isn’t that how I am supposed to be feeling? Shouldn’t I be looking forward with that joy and anticipation of being with Jesus? Why have I let everyday life and the attractions and distractions of this world take my eyes off of the Prize?

My BSF study of Revelation is reminding me that His coming is a reality. I look at Natalee and realize we are all foster children looking forward to our forever home. How overjoyed we should be knowing we will be united with our Father and the One who will never leave us. To live where there will be no sin, no pain, no disappointment, no separation! Wow! Hang on Natalee, I want to come too!

We can learn such wonderful things from children . . .

Doulos Studies

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