It’s Actually Quite Simple!

So many times it feels like the enemy is laying in wait for his next opportunity to throw a fiery dart at you. And yes, it’s true that we are told that the devil roams around like a roaring lion seeking someone he can devour. But there’s the point! The Scriptures don’t say that he is and roaring lion, but simply acts like he is. Big difference. As a child, I ran around the neighborhood with a cape pretending to be Superman! But that didn’t make me Superman!

But you know, there are much more important Truths you need to focus on. Truths that assure your victory: You are more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus. Greater is the One who is in you than anyone in the world. There is no weapon formed against you that will prosper!

You need to condemn those demonic words of discouragement and defeat. I have said it many times: T.I.S. ThoughtsIdeas, and Suggestions. That’s all that dirty scoundrel sends to you.  When they come, cast them under your feet with the Word of God and the Name of Jesus! You are Victorious, so quit lying in the gravel and dirt.

So many times I have shared messages on how we are to take authority; how we are to use the name of Jesus; how we are to be victorious. But some of us view this as some grandiose walk of faith, Well, you are wrong! Claiming the power that is in Christ’s name is not some complicated, hidden theological truth. I have all kinds of books that are written solely on the subject of Jesus’ name. The authors wrote them to help believers understand the deep implications hidden in Christ’s name. Yet, most of these books are so “deep,” they go right over your head. I become so frustrated with some of the “Theological” treatises out there, when our Master, actually taught to common people — in common language, using simple and common illustrations.

I remember Norman Greentree. He was a pastor and used to explain that because of his name, he was able to treat the treasures of God’s Word as if they were “hanging from branches low enough for the children to pick the fruit thereof . . .” (Get it? Green Tree? That’s similar to a sales manager I worked under. Whenever he greeted someone, he always stretched out his hand saying, “Hi, I’m Don Mann. I’m the only Mann here.”) Yeah well, as a teacher and a pastor, I had always hoped I could “Treat the treasures of God’s Word as if they were ‘hanging from branches low enough for the children to pick the fruit thereof . . .’” Well, that has always been my desire. Whether I have ever been successful, I am not sure.

But to quote Monk here’s the thing, I believe the truth we are meant to know about Jesus’ name is so simple, a child could understand it. Quite simply, when we make our requests in Jesus’ name, we are to be fully persuaded that it is the same as if Jesus himself were asking the Father.

Now when you make a statement like that, someone is going to ask how this could possibly be true? So before you actually ask, let me explain.

We know that Yahweh loved his Son, right? He spoke with Jesus and taught him during his time on earth. He not only heard but answered every request his Son made. Even Jesus testified to this, saying, “He always hears me.” The Father never denied his Son any request.

Today, everyone who believes in Jesus is clothed in his Sonship, and the Heavenly Father receives us as intimately as he receives his own Son. Why? Because you are so sharp and so full of wisdom and insight? No, that can’t be. Even Jesus said, “Father, thank you for hiding these things from wise and intelligent people and revealing them to these folks.” No, no. It is because of your spiritual union with Christ! Through his crucifixion and resurrection, Jesus has made us one with the Father (John 17:21–23).

Simply put, we are now family — one with the Father, and one with the Son. We have been adopted, with the full rights of inheritance possessed by any child. We now have all the power and resources of heaven made available to us, through Christ.

Praying “in the name of Jesus” is not a magic code or secret formula. It is not the phrase that has power in simply speaking it. No, no! I don’t know why we insist on complicating this it is actually quite simple. The power is in believing that Jesus takes up your cause and brings it to the Father on His own merits. He is the Advocate — He is doing the asking for us. The power is in fully trusting that his Father — our Father—never denies his own Son and we are the beneficiary of the Father’s utter faithfulness to his Son.

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