Settle Your Hurts Now

I know none of you can identify with this, but you might know someone who has ever been angry or offended. But just in case, be very careful to recognize where the real complaint lies. It could be a person who insults you.

It could be a person who insults you at the office or at a party. It could be a husband who rides roughshod over your feelings. Many it was someone who is simply insensitive and doesn’t understand or appreciate you.

Moses experienced this. The people of God had just been delivered from Egypt and well, times started getting tough, and who did they blame? Moses, of course. And they got pretty loud with their complaints, too! “Oh Moses, you did this! It would have been better for us to have died in Egypt. You and your shifty brother are to blame.”

So, how did Moses respond to their complaining? He told them, “Hey, it was the Lord who brought you out . . . It is against the Lord you are complaining about, not us.”

What that shows me is that we need to be careful of fighting against the Lord. The situations your are facing are of His choosing because He want to bless you, to lead you (even through the wilderness) out of Egypt, that is, out of yourself.

Tell you what, you need to settle your complaints, with God. He will take care of it all. Once you have settled your anger and hurts, it will resolve other things, as well. However, if you are going to be offended with God, and you will end up being offend everyone who crosses your path. Just sayin’ . . .

Doulos Studies

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