Those Difficult Relationships

After a few days of rest, I am still thinking about the difficulties we sometimes find in our relationships. It can be our marriages, co-workers, boy friends/girl friends. Even parents and children. Sometimes it is even with our in-laws. Sometimes these difficulties affect our faith and our relationships with our Father. I believe you can be right with God and still not like the way some people behave,

That reminds me of something Tozer said, “I believe you can be right with God and still not like the way some people behave.” See, those difficult relationships don’t always have to affect how you relate to Him.

But you know, even two people who were at one time very close, can develop misunderstandings, difficulties, conflicts where barriers are erected, and  the harder you try to find a resolution, every effort seems to strengthen those barriers and bring greater separation.

When you call on the Lord to intervene, for the Grace of God to break through those barriers, but you cannot find any way to break through. Every offer of love seems to “backfire.” Explanations become impossible. New accusations arise, it seems, from nowhere (although we need to remember the one who is named the Accuser of our Brethren).

The situation becomes even more complicated and insoluble, and your mind goes round and round, trying to find where things went wrong, mulling over the words which were like daggers, regretting the things that were said, the failures and mistakes. Painfully, at times, wondering how it could have been different. Oh so frustrating! So much spiritual and emotional energy is being drained — but, hang on there, the Lord wants to teach us to commit, trust, and finally, to rest.

I believe the Lord wants to say, “Leave them to Me. There is nothing more you can do in this situation. Just leave them to Me. There is no way you can understand all that is taking place. You don’t need to. But know that I am at work — in you, in them. Just leave them to Me. Some day it will come clear — trust Me.”

Humble yourselves under God’s strong hand, and in his own good time he will lift you up. You can throw the whole weight of your anxieties upon him, for you [and they] are his personal concern (I Peter 5:7)

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