Are You Desperate?

You know, the last couple of days I have been talking about how we have been called to co-operate with the Lord, and whenever I think about that, it is such an honor. I mean, as much as I know about myself, it blows me away to even consider that He would be interested enough to send an invitation to labor with Him. Wow!

This so overwhelms me, I am motivated to honor Him, to serve Him, to love Him. I can’t help it! In fact, I will go so far as to say that the Lord seems to love desperate people. I think the perfect example of this is seen in the story of Jairus and the healing of his daughter. Now, he was a desperate man! Do you remember that story? Jesus was returning from across the lake where He delivered a guy who was possessed by several demons.

When He returned, Jesus was welcomed by a crowd. All of them were expecting Jesus, which in itself is cool. What I mean is that all of us need to live our lives in expectancy. Expecting the Lord to move on our behalf and in the lives of those around us. But in this case, when Jesus reached the shore, a man named Jairus came running up.

Jairus was a leader — a major player, a big shot who didn’t come to just welcome Jesus and invite Him to party at his house. He came desperate for Jesus. That is something I can identify with. I haven’t told many (so don’t go spreading it around too much, okay?), but when I came to Jesus back in October 27th, 1979, I was desperate! At that point in my life, I was very seriously contemplating suicide and I cried out, “Hey if all this is true, prove it to me.” And He did! Well, in Jairus’ case, he was a ruler of the synagogue, but he didn’t let ritual dignity stand in his way. His daughter was dying, so he threw himself at the feet of Jesus pleading for her life.

Sometimes, when I am ministering to people, I have to wonder how desperate are they to hear from the  Lord? Well, let’s be personal. How desperate are we . . . are you . . . to receive from Him? In the book, Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire, Jim Cymbala wrote,

“I discovered an astonishing  truth: God is attracted to weakness. He can’t resist those who humbly and honestly, admit how desperately they need him.”

This certainly described Jairus.

If you are a parent you know how much you focus on a child when they are sick or in some kind of danger or trouble. You can hardly focus on anything else. This is what Jairus was experiencing and Jesus was his last (and only) hope (and he knew it!). He could not find anyone else who could heal his daughter from the grip of death.

Think about the woman who met Jesus on the way to Jairus’ home. The crowd pressed so close to Jesus they were almost suffocating Him. Yet a woman who had suffered from a flow of blood for twelve years and had spent all her living on Doctors, and couldn’t be healed by anyone, touched just the edge of His cloak, and she was immediately healed.

But then Jesus asked, “Who touched me?” They all looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders and denied touching Him. The crowd was huge, everybody was touching Him. Pete looked at Him and said, “Master, you have got to be kidding, there are tons of people around you. Dozens have touched you.”

But Jesus said, “Someone deliberately touched me because I felt healing power go out from me.”

When the woman realized she couldn’t go unnoticed “came trembling and fell at his feet.” [Wow! Even people with faith can come trembling].

Like Jairus, she came desperate, and what happened? She received her healing! Do you need healing? Well, how desperate are you? Oh, Jesus isn’t asking you to promise you’ll never swear or smoke another cigarette. You can’t earn His healing, any more than you can earn your Salvation. But how willing are you to surrender your life to Him?

Oh Father, I am coming to you desperate. You are the only source of Life and I need your Life; I need your joy; I need your very presence and wisdom to guide me. Bring your fire and purge the dross from my heart, Lord. Purge me clean. Heal these muscles, heal this infirmaty, deliver me from this enslavement (whatever they are).

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