It’s Not Up To ‘Me,’ But ‘Him”

Please be honest. Have you ever felt you were in a position or required to do something that you were completely unqualified for? Or maybe, simply “over your head“? Oh, I know it is difficult to admit, but can I tell you that those feelings are not new.

Recently I was re-reading the story of Moses, and all of the adventures he experienced. If you remember, he was the son of Amram and Yochebed of the tribe of Levi during a period where the Hebrews had become a threat to the Egyptians simply because of their large population. The Pharaoh ordered that all newborn male Hebrew children be cast into the Nile to drown. Well, his parents took Moses, their newborn son, and placed him in a waterproof basket and hid him in the tall grasses of the Nile. Eventually, the Pharaoh’s daughter, heard him crying and rescued him. She named him “Moses,” meaning “drawn from the water.” Her desire for a son was fulfilled and Moses ended up having the best of everything, including education.

So, Moses was brought up in the splendor of the Egyptian court as the Pharaoh’s daughter’s adopted son. As he grew, he became aware of his Hebraic roots and shared a deep love and concern for his kinsmen. One time, he witnessed an Egyptian master brutally beating a Hebrew slave, and impulsively, Moses killed the Egyptian. Because he was afraid of the Pharaoh’s punishment, he fled into the desert of Midian and became a shepherd for Jethro, a Midianite priest whose daughter Zipporah he later married.

Then, the part we are most familiar with, while he was tending the flocks on Horeb Mountain, he saw a bush burning yet not turning to ash. Now that, was a little freaky, when he heard a voice from within the bush, it really freaked him out. telling him that he had been chosen to serve as one to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt. He was also told to declare the unity of God to his people. At that time, most Israelites were worshipping many gods. Moses was to tell them that there was only one God.

The voice told him that he had been chosen to serve as one to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt. He was also told to declare the unity of God to his people. You see, at that time, most Hebrews were worshipping a multitude of gods. It was Moses responsibility to tell them that there was only one God.

This was quite a tremendous responsibility, as you can imagine, and his shyness and his own feeling of unworthiness made him very hesitant to fulfill this task. Plus, his lack of confidence made him question the wisdom of this God who was talking to him: “Who am I that you would want me to this?” The Divine answer was “Who made your tongue?” But to give him a little more confidence, he was told that Aaron, his more talkative brother, would serve as his spokesman both to the children of Israel and to the Pharaoh. The promised destination for the Israelites’ journey was a “land rich with milk and honey.”

Well, as the story goes on, his brother Aaron wasn’t as much help as he was hoping, but despite that, Moses became quite a champion — what I mean, there were several times when he proved himself to be the master debater and rescuer. However, these were not the strengths he was to depend on.

My friends, the real question for Moses, as for us, is not “Who am I?” but rather, “Who is it who is calling us?” In case you are wondering, it is the Lord, the I am, the same yesterday, and today, and forever. He is with us. This is what matters. This is our reason for confidence.

Today, as you go about your normal duties, you may find yourself called to a task which you know is quite beyond your abilities. “Me Lord?” you will ask, “Who am I?”

Well, breath deep and hear your Father say, “Don’t worry, I am with you!”

The Lord of Hosts is with us;
    the God of Jacob is our refuge (Psalm 46:11)

Who can be against us?

Doulos Studies

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