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Saturday morning, I attended a “Men’s Breakfast,” and the sharing was superb!

First, sitting around the tables we were encouraged to get to know each other (despite that most of us, know each other. But there were many “newbies” in our midst, so the gathering was quite supportive).

Anyway, to stimulate our conversations, we were to answer two questions. First,

“Who are the two or three people who know you the best? On a scale of 0 (know nothing about me) to 10 (know everything about me), where would you place those people?”

Well, for me, that was quite simple: my wife and my “bestest” buddy, Lyle. And also my dear friend John, who first embrace me in 1987 after we first moved to Ann Arbor. On a scale of 0 – 10, I would place all of them anywhere from 8 – 10. But then, the follow-up question was:

“How do you feel about the prospect of having other people know everything about you? Does that sound appealing? Does it make you uncomfortable?”

Well, that is the goal of our faith! My friend Brad gave an excellent sharing on how each of us, as disciples of Jesus, are called into such deep relationships. First, with our Father (along with His Son and His Spirit), and then with each other. But instead, we like to hide our “true” selves in darkness and secrecy.

Brad introduced the Johari Window of relationships:

I guess it doesn’t do that much good to present the model, without a complete description of how it works, but essentially, we are called to actually experience an open relationship with our Father. Jesus prayed,

“Father, the time is here. Give your Son glory so that your Son can give you glory. After all, you’ve given him authority over all humanity so that he can give eternal life to all those you gave to him. This is eternal life: to know you, the only true God, and Yeshua Christ, whom you sent . . .” (John 17:1-5)

We always talk about this “Eternal Life,” stuff, and we keep picturing and real long life. No, no. We miss the point of it if you don’t read what Jesus just prayed: “This is eternal life: to know you, the only true God, and Yeshua Christ, whom you sent . . .” I am not talking about knowing all kinds of things about Him (which many of us seem to be content with), but actually knowing Him intimately and lovingly. When Jesus said eternal life was knowing God, He was talking about having an intimate, close, personal relationship with His Father. And, that my dear friend, Is Awesome!

Most us find it pretty easy to believe that Jesus died to forgive our sins, but we have never grown to have a close, personal, intimate relationship with our Father God. We think that is reserved for heaven. As a result, we are content to muddle through life singing songs about how it will be such a great day when we reach heaven.

I am not taking anything away from heaven, but we are supposed to have eternal life (close, intimate, personal relationship with God our Father and Jesus Christ His Son) right now! It is not “pie in the sky by and by” but rather “steak on your plate while you wait.”

“My heart and my soul, I give you control
Consume me from the inside out Lord
Let Justice and praise, become my embrace
To love You from the inside out”

The problem is that we have changed the message of salvation and placed a “period” after the word “perish” in John 3:16. We say that God sent His Son to die for our sins so we would not perish, PERIOD. Well, if that is what you are thinking, you have missed the goal of salvation. The whole purpose was to give us Eternal Life!

If you remember the study I sent you on the Song of Solomon, did you miss the whole intent of that Song? The entire Song demonstrated a journey into a life of complete knowledge of “The King,” and the “King’s” complete knowledge of you. As a result of that knowledge, you lay bare before Him, and He before you. And, you are able to stand before men open and bare, knowing that your King is present to protect and shield you from their attacks.

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