Where Your Hope Needs To Be

It gets tough when you are doing something our Father has indeed call you to fulfill, but for some reason you cannot explain, he calls you to leave that work. Here you thought you were doing so well, and from all appearances the Kingdom of our God was advancing. But still, you are called to leave that work. How come?

This is what happened to my wife and me back in 1987 when we were called, encouraged, directed, instructed to leave what we were doing  in Kalamazoo, and move to Ann Arbor. We had only been married for five years and we were both established in the work and ministry the Lord had given to us. But for some reason, we could not discern, He was instructing us to make the move across this State. Oh, how I wish I could introduce you to my, “We believe every person is unique, precious, worthy, and has a destiny. Find yours!” friend, Serina! She can testify that this is true! Or, if you could talk to my dear friends Dave and Karen, they will verify all of this is true!

The only thing I can assure you of, now, after all of these years, is that when He calls you out of one work, He is completely faithful to call you into something better! It may not seem so, at the time, but I am confident that the move is for a “higher” purpose. Take for instance Abraham. He was against idolatry and making idols, but that was not his crusade. Because of his faith, the Lord led him into a promised land, into tremendous possessions and into the lineage that brought us our Messiah!

Our Father’s call on our life is always into something better – -keep that in mind when he is calling you out of your current task! He is calling you into the joys and reality of eternal life and into a new purity of life and spirit; He is calling you to walk with Him with a pure heart and sincere faith. He is calling you to a life of service and usefulness that will bring glory to Himself as God and more importantly, a deeper knowledge and closer fellowship with Him! He calls you into the sweetest fellowship possible on this earth – the fellowship of the family of God!

So, if your Father is taking away the old, wrinkled, beat-up dollar bill we clutch so desperately, it is only because He wants to exchange it for the whole federal mint, the entire treasury! He is saying, “I have in store for you all the resources of heaven. Help yourself!

What I am trying to say is you need to quit focusing on what you have lost and set your heart to all that your Father has in store for you!!

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