The Art of Intercession (Our Father in Heaven)

Our Father in heaven . . . (Matthew 6:9)

I told you it was hard to get off this reality, but when we begin our prayers recognizing that we are speaking to our Father, it should awaken the fullness of a family relationship: His parenthood and through Grace, our sonship! That should always come to mind whenever we enter into prayer. All praying should start with a long look Godward and a deliberate lifting of our heart to give thanks and adoration. This is what our Father is calling us to. Gratitude for the Grace He has given us, and praise for His being our Father!

So I ask, do we always pray to our God as Father? And, do we always praise when we pray? Well, do we? Stop and consider what is your relationship calling you to do? Can I encourage you to see that you are speaking to your Father? It will change the power of your prayer!

It is your vision of Yahweh that provides the power and confidence in your prayers! If your view of Him is drab and dull, your prayers will be drab and dull. Years ago, there was a book entitled, “Great Prayers of the Bible.” I don’t know if the book is still available, but I can tell you that the mark of great prayers is that they express an awareness of our Great Father!

I learned years ago that when you begin your prayers, “Father,” it opens your awareness to this reality. Just like when the “Lord’s Prayer” begins, “Our Father,” it refers to the quality and depth of His love for those who follow His Son. It speaks to all the care and concern that a perfect father could show.  Then, when we finally realize that our Father, is “in heaven,” we see that our Divine Father is great — eternal, infinite, almighty — and that His love is unchanging, unlimited, unconquerable wherever he places it! But more than that, it is able to deal with all the needs we bring to Him in our prayers.

Since our God is a spirit, when the prayer says, “Our Father in heaven,” it isn’t talking about a place that is remote from us; somewhere way “out there.” That’s how the Greeks viewed their gods. They saw them as spending most of their time far away from earth in the celestial equivalent of the Bahamas. But that is not true of the God of Scriptures! When we speak of our Father “in Heaven,” we realize that it is in a place without time — eternal. A different plane or dimension.

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