Think of Being A Boat . . .

For those who have joined the forces of Yahweh’s Kingdom; surrendered yourself to the Lordship of Jesus, Yeshua the Christ, I want you to be encouraged  and assured that you are now fully His, forgiven and set free from your sins!

Years ago, in the early days of my new faith, I heard the perfect illustration of what had happened to me. As the story goes, a boy who lived in a town near the ocean, had carved and created a small wooden boat for himself. After he put sails on it, he discovered that it really sailed!

So, one day he took his boat down to the shore and was sailing it at the edge of the sea. But eventually, the tide changed and carried his boat out to sea and there was no way he could recover it. So sadly, he went home without his boat.

Then, when the wind and tide changed, the boat floated back to shore! A man walking along the seashore found the boat, picked it up, and thought that it was a beautiful piece of work. He took it to a local shop and sold it. The shop owner cleaned it up and put it on display in his shop window with a price tag of thirty-five dollars.

Later, the boy walked past the shop, looked in the window and saw his boat with a price of thirty-five dollars! He knew, however, that he had no way to prove it was his boat and if he wanted his boat, there was only one thing he could do: buy it back!

So, he took any job he could to earn the money to buy his boat. Once he earned the money, he walked into the shop and said, “I want to buy that boat!” He paid the money, and, when he got the boat in his hands, he held it to his chest and said, “Now you’re mine. I made you and I bought you.”

That is redemption! First, the Lord made us, but when we were in Satan’s slave market and if He wanted us back, He knew He would have to buy us back. So, we are now are doubly His! He created us, and He bought us back!

The first time I heard that story, I could see how valuable we are to the Lord! Tell you what, begin to think of yourself as that boat for a moment. You may feel so inadequate, so worthless. You wonder whether your Creator really cares? Well, He purchased you, and you are now in the Lord’s arms as He tells to you, “Now you are Mine! I made you and I bought you. I own you; you are fully Mine.”

Ponder that one while you go through your day and see if it can bring you as much joy as it brought me all those years ago!

Doulos Studies

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