Our Preparation

This week, a group of us will join with some others for a time of worship and prayer. I will hopefully be able to attend. (I am working on that side of things). But I absolutely love a comment our Pastor’s wife made in the email she sent out to inform us of this time of worship:

If you aren’t able to make it, please pray. I would ask everyone to be praying during the week in preparation, asking the Lord for a word, or insight, but also praying for the day itself for the Holy Spirit to be present in power, or simply as the Spirit leads you to pray. It is also important to remember to keep a short account with God ourselves so that there is nothing between us and Him. “

Oh, how that rings in my heart! Then she added something was that echoes what I have told you, many times:

This is an important part of preparing to meet with Him – and we should be preparing in this way whenever we meet – not just for something like this.”

I add a “triple” exclamation point to that!!! So often we neglect what I call our “Spiritual Preparation.” We need to do this anytime we meet our Lord! Instead, what do we do? We rush out the door and speed to our meeting, often forgetting things and yelling at our kids the entire trip! I think it would be more appropriate if we spent time in prayer for several days anytime we are going to meet together! Are you going to be heading to church this Sunday? Then begin preparing for it on, say, Thursday!

You could be praying that our Father would build the House and have His way during that gathering. The Psalmist proclaimed, “If Yahweh does not build the house, it is useless for the builders to work on it (Psalm 127:1). So why bother going if He isn’t involved?

You could be praying that He would maintain, guard, and protect this work! Again, we look to the Psalmist: “If Yahweh does not protect a city, it is useless for the guard to stay alert  (Psalm 127:1)

Pray for every believer who walks through the door!  “[T]hat the Fathe of our Lord, would give [us] a spirit of wisdom and revelation as [we] come to know Christ better. [That we could] have deeper insight and could know the confidence that he calls [us] to have and the glorious wealth that [we] will inherit. [That we could] also know the unlimited greatness of his power as it works with might and strength for us, the believers . . .” (Ephesians 1:14-23)

And also “to fill [us] with the knowledge of his will through every kind of spiritual wisdom and insight. So [we] will live the kind of lives that prove [we] belong to the Lord. Then [we] will want to please him in every way as [we] grow in producing every kind of good work by this knowledge about God. We ask him to strengthen [us] by his glorious might with all the power [we] need to patiently endure everything with joy.  [We] will also thank the Father, who has made [us] able to share the light, which is what God’s people inherit” (Colossians 1:9-12)

And, pray for the lost! Pray that the blinders would be removed from their eyes, that our Father would send the rain of His Spirit to soften their hearts so they can receive His Word, and that He would send laborers into their paths.

These are just some of the ways we can be praying for your meetings. Ask yourself: what is our Father trying to do with His people? Scriptures call us a remnant according to grace, believers removed from the great, teeming swarm of so-called religious people in today’s world.

I join others who wonder if our Lord is postponing His return until His Bride is ready. For years, the popular idea has been that the whole body of believers in Christ would rise like a flock of frightened birds when the Lord comes. But many great writers and thinkers in the past said, “Oh no! The Lord will take with Him those who are prepared, ready for His return!”

No, I don’t presume to have an answer that will satisfy everyone. But I do know that many Christians are too smug about their faith, saying in effect: “I am saved by Christ through grace, so I can live however I want!” I don’t want to be too dogmatic on these things, but I do know this – our God doesn’t have any halfway house between heaven and hell where He sends us to be  fumigated!

This is why it is so important to maintain a short account with our God so that there is nothing between us and Him! As I already stated, this is an important part of our preparation to meet with Him – and we should always be preparing ourselves whenever we meet.

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