Our Father’s Fire . . .

This morning I hope to remind you that we can continually stand strong, because our God’s Word, the Living Word, is a consuming fire and will burn away every obstacle. In fact, it is the only true light we have during dark nights of frustration and despair. It is our only defense against the enemy’s lies, when he whispers, “It’s all over. You have lost the fire. And you are never going to get it back!”

The only thing that will bring us out of our darkness is faith. And how does faith come? By hearing God’s Word! That’s right, we come full circle, and return to His Word! And, we simply have to cling to the Word that has been implanted in us. The Lord has promised, “I will not let you go down; so you have no reason to despair. There’s no cause for quitting. Rest in my Word.”

Oh, I hear what you are thinking: “But this dark night is worse than anything I have ever known.” Or, “I have heard a thousand sermons on God’s Word, but none of it seems to mean anything to me now.” Ah, my dear friend, don’t fret; God’s fire still burns in you, even if you can’t see it burning. And you are to pour onto that fire the fuel of faith. How? You do it by trusting and growing to know and understand the Lord. When you do, you will see all your doubts and fears wash away.

Whatever you do, don’t give up! God’s Spirit can breathe life again into every set of dry bones. This morning, as you are reading this message, the Spirit of God wants to remind you of the Word He planted in your soul. And, if at any time you need strength, you will be revived. You may cry, as Jeremiah did, “God’s fire has been shut up in me for too long. I simply can’t hold it any longer. I can feel the Lord’s power raising me up. He is putting life in me. And I am going to speak the Word he gave me. I am going to proclaim his mercy and healing power.” As John Wesley stated,  “Get on fire for God and men will come and see you burn.”

(Wow! I have goose-bumps! I feel like waking the whole house this morning and rejoicing. I love God’s presence when it comes fresh and alive!! Rejoice my friends. It will be a wonderful day!)

Doulos Studies

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I do thank you for your gifts. It is your faithful and continued support that makes these messages possible.

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