Our Trials & Times of Struggle

I’m sure most of you are familiar with Job’s story. Oh, oh. Before I say what I was planning, I realize that many of you have already downloaded and read the study I created entitled, The Story of Job, and I thank you and I am very honored. But, I just want to assure you that each one of these studies, as well as the messages I send you each morning, my hope has always been that they will make a fresh impact on anyone who is longing to be free, but have not known how to make it happen. My greatest satisfaction is believing that these messages will provide the keys you have been looking for that will unlock those iron bars and release you from your shackles and awakening you to what it means to be truly free. Free in our Lord!

Also, regarding Job’s story, the amazing and wonderful thing we find is that Job emerged from his experience praising God, saying, “I now know you can do anything, Lord. I repent for questioning your judgment. I see that everything is under your control and directed by your grace. You have had a plan all along, but now I have actually seen you with my eyes” (see Job 42:2-5).

For me, I know that whatever crisis or trial I face, something marvelous happens when I simply trust, a marvelous peace comes over me, enables me to say, “It doesn’t matter what comes out of this ordeal. My God has everything under control. I have nothing to fear.”

Doulos Studies

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I do thank you for your gifts. It is your faithful and continued support that makes these messages possible.

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