Can Not or Will not?

One of the many common Red Herrings you run into whenever you talk about “God,” is that people may ask, “If He can do anything, then can He lie?” “Can He cheat?” “Can He make a rock so big that even he can’t lift it?” “Can he make square circles?” “Or a two-sided triangle?”

Yeah, those are foolish questions and we should just laugh at the person who presents them. They are simply attempting to taunt you into an argument. Don’t fall for their tricks. It’s like asking a bachelor what his wife’s name is? Or what does the color yellow taste like?Come on. Those are not relevant questions and don’t deserve any consideration. Just understand that our God does not have any limits to His power. However, and here is something I hope you will agree with, everything he created does have a limit! Just because He does not show His unlimited power does not mean that He doesn’t possess infinite power.

But yes, there are several things that He cannot do. He cannot because He has chosen to assign certain powers to His people. So, if they will not, His hands are tied. That is a “law,” if you will, that He put into His Creation! He placed those limitations in His work.  For instance, in Mathew’s Gospel, we are told that: “He didn’t do many miracles in Nazareth.” He didn’t? But why? “because of their unbelief!” (Matthew 13:58). Then, later in Matthew’s Gospel, He settles the issue: “I wanted to gather your children around Me, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings . . .” Oh, what a tender and loving image that is! “but you were unwilling.” (Matthew 23:37) Oh!

So, it is much more correct to say that our God will not and does not, instead of can not! My usual response to challenges like those above is to say that given His relationship to us, the people He loves and has called, to say, “He cannot,” forces us because He cannot deny Himself. And, to force us would be to deprive us of the freedom He granted when He made us, and so, to deny Himself.

Yet we pray, “make me do thy will!” And so we should because in that prayer we express our willingness to cooperate with Him! As Tennyson wrote, “Our wills are ours to make them Thine.” Amen!

Doulos Studies

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