Increasing Your Relationship of Love

The other day I began discussing how we might develop a loving relationship with the God of all Creation. However, so many miss receiving His offer that has given to us, freely and without any requirements. Yes, as a result of accepting His call, we will be drawn to freely serve and honor Him with our thoughts, words, and actions. But not because we are instructed to, but rather, our of our love and devotion.

Friends, the moment you begin to conform your devotion to rules and regulations, you will never develop the kind of love relationship He desires for you. Sure, we can try to impose rules and regulations on our relationships. Try doing that with your mate or your children. They will grow to resent you and will never feel welcomed in your presence. But you see our Father’s love comes without any obligation or requirement, and it is the only way for you to gain the stability and security you long for.

Scriptures tell us that love is the fulfillment of all the rules and requirements. In fact, when someone asked Jesus which was the greatest commandment, He replied that it was to love the Lord with all our heart, mind, and strength, and to love our neighbor as ourselves. Love — not the law (all our rules and requirements) — is the key to our relationship with our Father and with one another.

Yahweh is calling us to experience the beauty of being drawn to Him by a cord far stronger than the obligation and guilt of all those rules and regulations. It isn’t that they are not valid and good, but we are called to follow them through the empowerment of His Spirit. Yes, we are called to liberty; but not so our liberty could become an opportunity for our sinful natures, the worldliness, the selfishness we see every day, but through love, we are to serve and seek the best for everyone (Galatians 5:13).

If you choose to remain bound to all of the rules and regulations, without the love and empowerment of the Spirit of God, we will find ourselves “chomping at the bit” and struggling against the restraints. There is a huge difference between being bound in a relationship by the joy of love than being tied up in obligation and guilt.

I was never intended for us to be enslaved by an endless list of external pressures. No, our Father isn’t pleased when He hears us moan and complain! “Oh, what a drag! I have to go to church again when there are hundreds of other things I would rather be doing. Bummer. But if I don’t go, Gawd won’t love me anymore and the preacher will give me an evil eye for missing his sermon.”

Yeah, yeah. I’ve heard it many times. But friends, if you are overwhelmed with such burdensome attitudes, it is a sure bet that you are not operating in a love relationship with your Father. Instead, you have fallen into the trap of legalism. Well, I assure you that our Father wants much better things for you than a drab, loveless existence!

Yahweh never made out a long contract that says, “Abide by all my terms and I love you and bless you; but if you violate even the smallest point, it’s is all null and void and you are out of My Kingdom!” As disciples and followers of Jesus, we are not bound by any heavy contract to Yahweh. Paul declared, “Clearly, Christ’s love guides us. We are convinced of the fact that one man has died for all people. Therefore, all people have died” (II Corinthians 5:14). That’s right, the only thing that constrained Paul was the love of Jesus the Christ!

The moment you can grasp this it will completely revolutionize your relationship with your Father. He will begin to reveal the meaning of that simple, well-worn, but rarely understood word: Grace. The moment this revelation breaks through you will encounter such a free and loving relationship with your Father. It will be new and refreshing. Like a nice cold drink on a simmering hot summer day! You will discover that despite the times that you may stumble and fall, those mistakes did not alienate you from Him. Your relationship with the Lord will become less of a roller coaster of highs and lows and more of a steady ride in His wonderful love!

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