Instructions On Listening

The other day I was talking about the cool experiences that Elijah had, but now, I want to look at a neat lesson that the Lord gave Elijah. You see, the Lord took Elijah to the top of Mt. Horeb and gave him an excellent illustrated sermon!

Well you know, a big wind began to blow, and I bet Elijah figured, “It’s about time, Lord. Blow ol’ Jezebel right off her throne! — throw her and her bunch of sinner friends to the winds. Blow all of them away!” But, by golly, the Lord wasn’t in the wind!

Suddenly, there was a huge earthquake. We aren’t told, but it could have been a 7.0 on the Richter Scale! But however strong it really was, it was enough that Elijah said, “That ought to scare them good! God will get even. He will shake them right out of their shoes! Lord, you are vindicating your servant.” But no, Yahweh wasn’t in the earthquake! Huh?

Well, after the earthquake, there was a fire! The heavens were glowing with white-hot flames! Elijah cried out, “Lord, they didn’t accept the fire that fell on the altar — so, you better burn ’em out! Burn ol’ wicked Ahab! Fry Jezebel. Cause your fire to consume the wicked. Lord, I know you are in this fire!” But he was wrong. Yahweh wasn’t found in the fire!

“And after the fire, a still small voice” (1 Kings 19:12).

Wow! Can you picture all that? A prophet who wasn’t afraid of a hurricane or an earthquake or heavenly fireworks is frightened by a still small voice? That’s what we are told: “when Elijah heard it, he covered his face with his coat” (1 Kings 19:13).

Oh man! Elijah covered his head with his coat! But why? Didn’t  he talk to his God many different times? Wasn’t he a great man of prayer? Didn’t Yahweh use him with some mighty and impressive signs?

Yeppers! Absolutely! But, and here’s the thing, Elijah was an absolute stranger to the still small voice!

When Elijah finally allowed that voice to speak — alone, quiet, away from all the powerful and spectacular displays . . . he got the most the most specific directions ever in all his ministry.

“Go to Damascus; go through the wilderness; anoint Hazael king over Syria; anoint Jehu king over Israel; and anoint Elisha to be prophet to follow you . . .” (see I Kings 19:15-16).

Interesting. Let me ask you something. How many of us, those who love the Lord, are willing do whatever He directs us to do, but have never had the voice come to them? We are so busy witnessing — doing good — praying for a spiritual awakening — fasting — building our business — working in our job — so intense — so dedicated, yet, we have heard everything but the voice of the Lord. Hmm . . .

Father, I do truly love you. I have often separated myself from my activities to “hear from you.” But I keep looking for the miraculous. So Lord, right now I just calm myself from all my efforts and frustrations and attempts to receive your direction, and simply wait, patiently, confidently, for your still small voice. Speak softly and quietly and I will listen and obey what you instruct me to do.

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