A World of Opposites

For centuries, Christians have been struggling with both the existence and the nature of evil. Most people would admit that evil is real and that its effects have been devastating on our world from its beginning. From murder to  the sexual abuse of children to the horrific terrorist attacks on 9/11, evil continues to demonstrate how ugly it really is. And, we are left wondering what exactly evil is and why it exists.

I learned an excellent theory in the writings of Tom Bradford, from The Torah Class. In a few of his studies, he revealed that evil entered our world as a result of our 4-dimension Universe consisting of opposites. For instance, if there is “up,” there must be “down,” if there is an “in,” there must be an “out,” etc. Central to this is that we must understand the concept of God creating evil along with creating good.

I have often said that we simply do not have words that we can use to describe things of the spirit world. I mean, if we truly want to understand the mind of God, the words simply do not exist. It must be spiritually discerned. This is true especially true when you are discussing the origin of evil — how it got here — what it is and how it operates. All of this is beyond our ability to understand in our fleshly nature. It must be spiritually discerned. And that is not something you can do on your own.

In order to discuss this dicey, yet crucial, subject, we need to fold in several principles that you wouldn’t expect to have much to do with it. Yet, without exploring these principles, we cannot get from point A to point B.

So, let’s start by talking about how our Universe works. Because each of us is subject to the laws, boundaries, and limitations of nature. The Universe was not created with us just being dropped in without any understanding it as if we were not a piece of that Universe — at least for a time.

There is an area of science that is so new that the world‘s body of physicists has tried to avoid discussing for decades. What I am referring to is that many scientists now understand and are willing to admit, that the Universe was created by Intelligent Design — by what force that Intelligent Design consists, they are not willing to agree on, but they will admit that it was not caused by a random series of chemical reactions. It was not chaos that accidentally , somehow, through happenstance and patience  achieved order.

Yes, I realize that this isn’t anything new for believers. But, when the scientific community, who are normally diametrically opposed to even the thought that there might be some overriding intelligent cosmic force or being, vastly superior to man, who orders the way the universe unfolds, and when they come to this conclusion, the first thing you have to ask is: why? What changed? Because in no way are they acknowledging a Creator — at least they do not think they are.

What brought about this change in their thinking is something that exceeds even Einstein‘s world-changing Theory of Relativity, is the discovery of undeniable evidence that there exist at least 10 dimensions, and probably 11. This discovery is part of a whole new realm of Physics called String Theory.

Now I will do my best to explain this concept, but I would highly recommend the book, Beyond the Cosmos: The Extra-Dimensionality of God, by Hugh Ross.

Now, I am going to try to explain it, but I do suggest that you read Ross’ book. But, as I understand what he was saying, our Universe only contains four of those ten or eleven dimensions; and those dimensions are height, width, length, and time. No matter how far we look into space with our orbiting space telescopes, and probes, and measurements, those same four dimensions are all we can experience. That’s it, and nothing more.

So okay, if that is the case, then what about those other so-called six or seven dimensions? Well, they do not exist, per se, in our Universe; but rather, they exist in some other “universe,” what these physicists call parallel universes.

Doo doo, doo doo (as the theme song of the Twilight Zone plays in the background) These Parallel Universes are not parallel in the sense that they are like being able to hold a mirror up to something and get its reverse, but parallel, image. No, but these parallel Universes actually exist simultaneously with ours; they could actually be within our Universe, or they could be completely outside our Universe as these other Universes continually interact with our Universe.

Now wait, before you simply blow this off, it could explain how an Angel, for instance, could simply appear and then disappear from our sight. It would explain how Jesus was able to walk through a door after his resurrection — yet still able to sit with his disciples for a meal! It would explain all of the magnificent, yet misunderstood appearances throughout the Scriptures of spiritual appearances.

I fully realize that this sounds a bit far out for us, but if you read the ancient Hebrew sages, you will discover that they, in their primitive way, actually described multiple dimensions. No, they didn’t use those words simply because there were no such words available. But believe it or not, these sages who lived way before Jesus, said that the Scriptures reveal ten dimensions, plus one more, the eleventh, which is Yahweh Himself! And, now, physicists tell us that both from a mathematical standpoint, and because of the otherwise unexplainable ways energy and matter behave, that there must be ten or eleven dimensions! Whoa! I have that fascinating!

Dr. Ross explains this concept far better than I can, but to help picture this, all we have to do is think of Heaven, as described in the Bible, to understand that it certainly does not obey any of the laws of Physics of our Universe. For instance, we are told that Heaven exists outside of time, that it is eternal — that is what eternity really means — timeless — without time.

Eternity is not an expression of a r-e-a-l-l-y long time; it is about existence outside of our existence. The Scriptures never once alleges that Heaven is part of our Universe. After all, how did God live in our Universe before He even created our Universe? Answer: He didn‘t. He lived somewhere else. And, that somewhere else is one or more of those other dimensions. In other words, Heaven does not exist in our four-dimensional Universe. Right? I don‘t think most of us believed that it did; my purpose for saying this is just to build a context for our discussion.

Now, stay with me for the next message, because this is a key ingredient that will explain an awful lot about our main subject, evil.

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